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The Indian Army is charting a course for enhanced armoured mobility, with plans to induct both locally produced Stryker Infantry Combat Vehicles (ICVs) co-developed with the United States and indigenously designed ICVs from DRDO.

The Indian Army is looking to integrate American expertise into its ICV fleet through a collaborative project. The plan involves the development and production of a limited number (around 100 initially, with potential for further orders up to 300) of Stryker ICVs specifically designed for Indian requirements.

This variant will address the Indian Army’s specific needs, potentially incorporating a more powerful engine to meet operational demands in challenging terrains. A crucial aspect of the agreement is the Transfer of Technology (ToT) to India. This will enable domestic production of the Stryker ICVs by private Indian companies, fostering a more self-reliant defence ecosystem.

The Indian Army’s focus extends beyond the US collaboration. DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) is also playing a key role, with Tata and Mahindra leading the development of indigenous ICVs. Integrating these domestically produced options strengthens India’s defence manufacturing capabilities and reduces reliance on imports.

The Indian Army’s planned induction of both co-developed Stryker ICVs and DRDO-designed alternatives signifies a well-rounded strategy for bolstering its Armoured fighting vehicle fleet. This approach not only equips the Army with advanced capabilities but also fosters a robust domestic defence industry.

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