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The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has issued a fresh tender signalling the imminent integration of the RudraM-III missile onto Su-30 MKI aircraft. This integration project will focus on non-UMC (Unified Manufacturing Contract) Su-30 MKI variants, as specified in the tender documents.

The RudraM-III, an indigenously developed hypersonic anti-radiation missile, boasts an impressive range of 550 kilometers and speeds exceeding Mach 5. This weapon system significantly enhances the IAF’s offensive capabilities, allowing for long-range strikes against enemy radar installations and other critical infrastructure.

The integration process will involve modifications to stations number 5 and 6 of the Su-30 MKI (specifically aircraft SB 332) to accommodate the RudraM-III on a specially designed and upgraded BD4-USKM-B bomb rack.

For seamless operation, the RudraM-III will interface with the existing Mission Computer (MC) and Display Processor of the Su-30 MKI. This communication will be facilitated by the aircraft’s existing MIL-STD-1553B data bus network, encompassing both the Display Bus and Avionics Bus.

Electrical compatibility is crucial, and the tender emphasizes the need for adherence to the RudraM-III Electrical Interface Control Document (ICD) developed by RCI, Hyderabad. This document outlines the specifications for electrical interfacing between the missile, the Weapon Control System (WCS), and the Su-30 MKI’s electrical system. The ICD also covers the electrical interface with the modified BD4-USKM bomb rack.

The IAF’s move to integrate the RudraM-III into Su-30 MKI fighters signifies a major advancement in its air combat capabilities. This indigenous weapon system, coupled with the Su-30 MKI’s advanced platform, equips the IAF with a powerful long-range strike solution for modern warfare scenarios.

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