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Rutgers University President Jonathan Holloway has reached a partial agreement with the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) following a week-long protest encampment on campus. The agreement addresses eight of the ten demands presented by SJP, with the most contentious issues – divestment from Israel and severing ties with Tel Aviv University – reportedly outside the President’s authority.

While some see the agreement as a step towards resolving the dispute, key sticking points remain. Notably, President Holloway conceded to allow displaying of Palestine and Kashmiri separatist flag alongside with other national flags, a decision generating significant controversy.

One of the accepted demands has ignited a new controversy. Rutgers has agreed to display the Kashmiri separatist flag alongside other national flags. This move has drawn criticism from Indians who send their kids to the Rutgers University, with some accusing the university of taking Pakistani and Islamist sides in a complex geopolitical issue.

It remains unclear how the remaining demands will be addressed and whether the flag display will be implemented. The agreement highlights the complexities of campus politics and the challenges of balancing diverse viewpoints on sensitive geopolitical issues.