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Hyderabad-based Parisodhana Technologies is bringing warmth to chilly situations with their innovative product, STAYWARM, a hat that provides long-lasting warmth without needing batteries or a power supply. This unique offering aims to keep users, including Indian Army soldiers, comfortable and protected in cold environments.

STAYWARM utilizes palm-sized pouches containing a special material that activates upon exposure to air. These pouches, conveniently fitting in pockets, gloves, or shoes, release heat for 6-8 hours, effectively combating the chill. This makes STAYWARM ideal for various situations, from everyday use at home or the office to outdoor adventures and even challenging environments like ski resorts.

Parisodhana specifically highlights the product’s potential for assisting Indian Army soldiers. By placing the pouches in gloves, sleeping bags, shoes, and jackets, soldiers can maintain warmth during their service, even in harsh conditions. This can significantly improve their comfort, performance, and well-being in cold weather deployments.

Recently, Parisodhana secured an Indian patent for their STAYWARM technology, further solidifying their innovative approach. This recognition underscores the unique nature of their solution and its potential impact.

While STAYWARM currently focuses on headwear, Parisodhana’s air-activated warming platform possesses broader applications. The company envisions integrating this technology into various apparel and accessories, offering versatile warming solutions for diverse needs.

STAYWARM presents a unique and convenient solution for combating the cold. Its potential to benefit Indian Army soldiers and its broader applications make it a noteworthy innovation in the thermal wear market. As Parisodhana continues to develop and expand its offerings, STAYWARM promises to keep users warm and comfortable in diverse situations, without relying on external power sources.

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