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Dynamatic Technologies Limited recently welcomed the Boeing Program Management Development Program (PMDP) team to its state-of-the-art facility at Dynamatic Aerotropolis in Bangalore. The visit served as a platform for open dialogue on leveraging the city’s thriving innovation ecosystem and exploring the benefits of the “Make in India” initiative for the global aerospace industry.

The discussions at Dynamatic Aerotropolis revolved around the dynamic aerospace cluster that has emerged in Bangalore. Representatives from both Dynamatic and Boeing acknowledged the city’s unique strengths, including a pool of highly skilled talent, a robust research infrastructure, and a growing network of startups and incubation centers. They explored ways to further utilize this rich ecosystem to drive innovation and collaboration in the aerospace sector.

The “Make in India” initiative, launched by the Indian government, aims to transform the country into a global manufacturing hub. The discussion touched upon the program’s potential to benefit the global aerospace industry. The teams explored how Dynamatic, as a key player in the “Make in India” initiative, can contribute to enhancing the global supply chain through its advanced manufacturing capabilities and commitment to quality.

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