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According to a report by, Germany is in talks with India to purchase ammunition from the country and transfer it to the Ukrainian armed forces through intermediaries. The report cites Der Spiegel as saying that India is unwilling to openly sell its ammunition to Ukraine due to its friendly relations with Russia.

The German government has not commented on the report.

India has maintained a neutral stance on the Russia-Ukraine war, calling for an end to the conflict and a diplomatic solution. However, India has also provided humanitarian aid to Ukraine, including food and medical supplies.

It is unclear whether Germany will be able to secure ammunition from India through intermediaries. India may be reluctant to sell weapons to any country that is involved in an armed conflict. Additionally, it is unclear whether India has the capacity to export large quantities of ammunition.

The war in Ukraine has led to a global shortage of weapons and ammunition. Many countries have been providing military assistance to Ukraine, which has depleted their own stockpiles. Germany is one of the countries that has been affected by the shortage.

The German government is exploring various options to replenish its stockpiles, including purchasing weapons from other countries. However, it is likely that Germany will face challenges in securing the weapons it needs.