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The Maharashtra MSME Defence Expo concluded on a high note, emphasizing the importance of indigenous production and collaboration with Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Chief of Naval Staff Admiral R Hari Kumar, speaking at the closing ceremony, praised the expo for “bringing together several MSMEs” and highlighted the significance of “developing the ecosystem and environment for indigenisation.” He further stated that “Defence Expos facilitate this and encourage indigenous production,” underlining the crucial role such events play in fostering domestic defense capabilities.

Admiral Kumar also highlighted the expo’s success, stating that “over 118 contracts have been signed and around 10-12 products have also been approved.” This signifies the concrete outcomes achieved through the event, with MSMEs and startups securing valuable opportunities for collaboration and growth within the defense sector.

The Maharashtra MSME Defence Expo’s emphasis on indigenous production and MSME engagement aligns with India’s strategic goal of achieving self-reliance in defense manufacturing. By fostering an ecosystem that facilitates collaboration between established players and MSMEs, such initiatives can contribute significantly to strengthening India’s defense capabilities and propelling its journey towards becoming a global leader in defense production.