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Hyderabad-based Zen Technologies recently made waves in India’s defense technology sector by unveiling its Hard Kill Anti-Drone system to Defence Minister Rajnath Singh. This innovative system, known as the Zen Anti-Drone System/Counter Unmanned Aerial System, represents a significant advancement in the country’s efforts to counter emerging threats posed by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones.

The Zen Anti-Drone System offers a comprehensive solution for detecting, tracking, and neutralizing unauthorized drones operating in restricted airspace. One of its key features is the integration of Hard Kill options, providing users with effective means to mitigate potential threats in real-time.

The system offers two primary Hard Kill options: a Standard Air Defence Guns interface and a net-based drone catcher. Each option is designed to address specific operational requirements and scenarios encountered in modern defense environments.

The Standard Air Defence Guns interface enables seamless integration with existing air defense systems, allowing operators to engage hostile drones with precision and accuracy. By feeding coordinates to the air defense gun, the system can align it to the target’s ingress direction, effectively neutralizing the threat through physical destruction.

In addition to the gun interface, Zen Technologies offers a net-based drone capture option, which provides a non-lethal means of neutralizing rogue drones. This method involves launching a dedicated drone equipped with a hanging net to capture the unauthorized drone and safely land it at a designated location. This option is particularly well-suited for small rogue drones carrying potentially harmful payloads, such as explosives or surveillance equipment.