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In a significant stride in India’s aerospace capabilities, the first of the newly constructed LCA-Tejas Mk1A fighter jets is poised to enter the crucial phase of its assembly process. Anticipated to initiate its first taxi trials by the middle of the upcoming month, the aircraft is set to undergo a series of flights by late February, marking a pivotal milestone in its journey towards operational readiness.

Following the taxi trials, the aircraft will embark on a series of flights in late February. By the end of March, it’s expected to have completed all necessary pre-delivery trials, paving the way for customer-mandated sorties to begin.

The Mk1A configuration has been undergoing rigorous testing since May 2022. Older FOC Mk1 jets have served as “Flying Test Beds,” allowing engineers to assess and validate the advanced sensors and avionics upgrades planned for the Mk1A. Additionally, HAL has modified another FOC Mk1 jet for further testing purposes.

HAL plans to deliver two Mk1A fighter jets and around six LCA-Tejas MkII trainer aircraft to the Indian Air Force (IAF). First Two Mk1A fighter jets will see foundation of new Squadron that is to be raised at frontline fighter base in Gujarat near Pakistan border.

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