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India’s supersonic cruise missile, the BrahMos, is gaining steam in the international arms market, with a second Southeast Asian country close to sealing a deal and promising negotiations with three more nations. This marks a significant step for India’s defence exports and its ambitions to become a major defence technology supplier.

Following the landmark deal with the Philippines, the second Southeast Asian nation is on the verge of joining the BrahMos club. While specifics remain confidential, sources believe the contract could be finalized later this year, boosting India’s strategic presence in the region. Talks with another Southeast Asian country are also progressing, potentially expanding BrahMos’ footprint in the vital Indo-Pacific.

The BrahMos’ allure extends beyond Southeast Asia, with two Middle Eastern countries actively engaged in discussions. These potential deals signify growing trust in India’s defence technology and its ability to meet the region’s security needs. The BrahMos’ accuracy, range, and lethality make it a compelling option for nations seeking to deter and defend against evolving threats.

The Philippines played a pioneering role in Southeast Asia, becoming the first nation to acquire the BrahMos. Its Marines will be the initial recipients, with the Army expressing interest in a separate deal. This two-pronged approach highlights the versatility of the BrahMos, capable of serving both land and sea-based defence needs.

With multiple deals in the pipeline and ongoing negotiations, the BrahMos is poised for further international success. India’s focus on indigenous defence production and its commitment to technology sharing bodes well for future collaborations. As the BrahMos takes flight across the globe, it cements India’s position as a rising force in the international defence market.

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