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In a significant leap towards bolstering national security, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has successfully developed indigenous counter-drone technology. This cutting-edge system, capable of detecting, soft kill, and hard kill responses against various types of drones, has already undergone successful demonstrations for armed services and internal security agencies.

The technology’s transfer to Bharat Electronics Limited, Bengaluru, for production marks a pivotal moment in India’s quest for self-reliance in defense capabilities. Additionally, four more Indian firms have been granted the Transfer of Technology for the production of anti-drone systems, amplifying the reach and impact of this groundbreaking innovation.

Key Features of DRDO’s Counter-Drone Technology:

  1. Detection Capabilities: The indigenous counter-drone technology developed by DRDO boasts advanced detection mechanisms. It can swiftly identify and track various types of drones, providing real-time intelligence to security agencies.
  2. Soft Kill Response: The system is equipped with a soft kill response mechanism, enabling it to neutralize unauthorized drones without causing physical damage. Soft kill measures may include jamming communication signals or taking control of the drone’s navigation system.
  3. Hard Kill Response: In cases where a more decisive action is required, the technology features a hard kill response. This involves physically disabling or destroying the rogue drone, ensuring a swift and effective countermeasure against potential threats.
  4. Successful Demonstrations: DRDO’s counter-drone technology has undergone comprehensive demonstrations, showcasing its efficacy to armed services and internal security agencies. The successful tests validate its capabilities in countering a wide range of drone threats.

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