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CATS Max (Mothership for Air teaming eXploitation ) based on the Tejas Mk1, a twin-seater platform modified with the CATS interface to act as the mothership and data centre for execution and controlling of the CATS Mission is under design stages and the first flight of the CATS Max will be performed by 2024-25 timeframe claimed officials at the Aero India 2023.

CATS Max will have a Weapon System Officer (WSO) who will be controlling other CATS in destroying enemy installations and facilities. The CATS family consists of CATS OMCA (Optionally Manned Combat Aircraft ) to be used as a Decoy, CATS Warrior (UCAV), CATS Hunter (ALCM), Air Launched Flexible Asset-Swarm (ALFA-S) loitering munition, CATS Infinity, a high altitude pseudo satellite (HAPS), CATS HALE, for Wide area surveillance and strike mission.

Unmanned CATS Max based on the bigger stealthy combat drone also is on offer that will also act as the mothership and Data Centre for execution and controlling of the CATS Mission but it’s still in the proposal stage and is still not incorporated into the planned CATS family.

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