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The video showcased at the HAL stall of the upcoming Next Gen Supersonic Trainer Hindustan Lead-in Fighter Trainer (HLFT)-42 will feature a front opening canopy windshield instead of the side opening canopy windshield seen on the Tejas Mk1A program.

India’s 5th Generation AMCA fighter jet also has opted for the front opening canopy configuration since the HLFT-42 design is still undergoing changes and improvements at this point it will be difficult to predict if the front opening canopy configuration will also find its way into the production variant of the jet when it enters after 2030.

front opening canopy configuration is usually adopted so that the central area of the fuselage can be used for storage of additional fuel in the aircraft also it gives easy access to the instrumentation and other electronic devices that are stored in the front fuselage and reduces frequent usage of the access panels on the side.

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