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Indian defence firm Cingularity Aerospace showcased it’s Aero India 2023 and according to company officials, it’s a Tandem wing configuration that allows it to carry twice the payload and comes with an AI function that allows it to visually scan the area for better situational awareness.

Tango Bravo comes with multiple choice of engines and can be equipped with a piston engine, turbine engine or a 4-stroke engine with the most efficient being the turbine engine for faster over the target area.

Tango Bravo can take off from any paved runway including expressways or ordinary roads. Cingularity Aerospace said that it received sensors and components from the ISRO and the Indian Army.

Cingularity Aerospace claims that 85% of the Tango Bravo has been built in the country with only carbon composites imported for the UAV. Tango Bravo has an endurance of 20 hours and can reach 20,000ft of service ceiling with an All-up weight of 350kg with a range of 1000kms with a max speed of 250kmph if equipped with a 600CC ICE.

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