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ePlane, a deeptech startup incubated at IIT-Madras, is revving up its engines for the future of urban mobility. The company announced its ambitious plans to complete the prototype of its electric air taxi, the e200X, by the end of 2024. This is just the first step in their aggressive timeline.

Satyanarayanan Chakravarthy, the founder of ePlane, revealed their goals during the Mint Digital Innovation Summit in Mumbai. They aim to not only complete the e200X prototype but also develop several additional prototypes in the coming year. The ultimate objective is to achieve certification and commercialization for these electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles by 2026. This ambitious target would pave the way for full-scale urban deployment of ePlane’s air taxis by 2027.

Chakravarthy highlighted the substantial and rapidly expanding global market for eVTOLs. He cited their research indicating a strong interest among Indian consumers for adopting aerial mobility solutions. ePlane is strategically positioning itself to cater to this growing demand.

The e200X stands out for its compact design, making it a strong contender in the eVTOL space. This focus on compactness could be advantageous for navigating urban environments.