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In a significant development for India’s defense exports, Brazil has officially confirmed the purchase of Ground Panoramic Night Vision Googles (GPNVGs) manufactured by Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL). This follows a leak of the purchase documents a few years ago.

The initial details of this deal emerged when documents hinting at a Brazilian interest in the GPNVG were leaked. Today, Brazil has officially confirmed the purchase, validating the earlier information.

The specifics of the deal reveal that Bharat Electronics supplied 22 units of the GPNVG to Brazil. While the exact terms of the agreement are not publicly available, online sources suggest a total value of approximately USD 589,000 (around Rs. 4.6 crore), with each unit costing roughly USD 26,500. This acquisition will enhance the night vision capabilities of the Brazilian armed forces.

This successful purchase could mark the beginning of a potential defense partnership between India and Brazil. It will be interesting to see if future collaborations involving more sophisticated defense equipment emerge between the two nations.