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India and Qatar are in discussions again on the possible purchase of 12 Mirage-2000-5 fighter jets by the Indian Air Force (IAF). This isn’t the first time these two countries have negotiated over these particular jets.

Nearly two decades ago, in 2005, India and Qatar held talks for the sale of the same 12 Mirage-2000-5s. Back then, the jets were relatively new acquisitions for Qatar, having been procured just seven years prior in 1998. However, the deal fell through due to disagreements on pricing. Qatar reportedly sought $62 million per jet, while India offered only $58 million.

This time around, Qatar has come back with a slightly lower asking price of $59.82 million per jet. India is seeking further discounts since aircrafts now have only 30% of its life left in them. IAF already operates 48 Mirage-2000-5 Standard aircrafts and this aircrafts will take fleet to 60 units. IAF plans to keep Mirage-2000-5 fleet operational till 2035 when it will be replaced by the Locally developed Tejas MkII jets.

The acquisition of these used jets would address the IAF’s fighter jet shortage caused by the phasing out of its older MiG planes. Additionally, the Qatari package reportedly includes missiles and spare engines, making it a more attractive offer.

While the talks are progressing, a final decision on the deal is yet to be reached. India is reportedly pushing for a further reduction in the price per jet.

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