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India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has announced the successful design and development of a compact spaceborne hyperspectral imaging payload, according to industry partner Paras Defence. The payload is slated for launch by September 2024.

Hyperspectral imaging technology captures detailed information across a wide range of wavelengths, providing a more comprehensive picture compared to traditional cameras. This advanced technology has numerous applications, including earth observation, resource mapping, environmental monitoring, and disaster management.

The DRDO’s new payload is designed to be compact, enabling integration into various space platforms. This development signifies a significant advancement in India’s spaceborne imaging capabilities and paves the way for enhanced data collection and analysis.

Paras Defence, the industry partner involved in the project, has not disclosed details about the specific platform the payload will be launched on. However, the upcoming launch by September 2024 is a positive development for India’s space program and its utilization of hyperspectral imaging technology.

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