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The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is on the verge of unveiling a new weapon in its arsenal – the STAR supersonic target drone. Scheduled for testing later this year, STAR promises to revolutionize the way India trains its naval crews to combat modern anti-ship missile threats.

STAR, or Supersonic Target for Anti-Radiation, is designed to mimic the characteristics of modern anti-ship missiles. Capable of achieving speeds exceeding Mach 2.4, STAR will allow naval personnel to hone their skills in detecting and defeating these high-velocity threats.

STAR utilizes a two-stage propulsion system to simulate a variety of missile attack profiles. The first stage employs a booster rocket for rapid acceleration. Once airborne, a Liquid Fuel Ramjet (LFRJ) engine takes over, propelling STAR at supersonic speeds as low as 12 feet above the water’s surface, mimicking modern sea-skimming missiles.

STAR can also be programmed for high-altitude attacks, simulating missiles that plunge towards their targets from over 30,000 feet. This versatility ensures that naval personnel are prepared for a wide range of anti-ship missile scenarios.

While the primary purpose of STAR is for training purposes, speculation suggests that the technology could lead to the development of a new anti-ship missile. Leveraging the knowledge gained from STAR’s creation, a future anti-ship missile based on STAR’s technology could potentially be deployed on both aircraft and ships.

The introduction of STAR represents a significant step forward for India’s naval defense capabilities. By providing realistic training simulations, STAR will equip Indian Navy crews with the skills and experience necessary to counter modern anti-ship missile threats, further bolstering India’s maritime security.

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