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Yeni Akit, an Islamist Turkish daily newspaper proudly proclaims the arrival of Turkey’s first indigenous main battle tank, the Altay, alleging it has caused panic amongst neighboring countries. The article cites Indian media outlets discussing the Altay’s capabilities and supposedly advocating for an alliance with Greece to counter this new Turkish advancement.

Yeni Akit portrays Greece as envious of Turkey’s flourishing defense industry, claiming Greece views every Turkish development with apprehension. The piece quotes an unnamed Indian report expressing concern over Turkey’s newfound self-sufficiency in tank production and the potential impact on the regional balance of power.

The article further speculates on India’s potential response in a hypothetical conflict situation between Turkey and Greece, leveraging its “friend and strategic ally” status with the latter. Yeni Akit suggests India might intervene to “save” Greece from the Altay’s might, highlighting the alleged anxieties surrounding Turkey’s military prowess.

Yeni Akit is known for its nationalistic stance, and the reported Indian concerns may be exaggerated or taken out of context. International relations are complex, and military decisions are rarely based solely on the existence of a particular weapon system.