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The Defence Research and Development Organization’s (DRDO) Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE) has recently issued a tender that signifies a significant stride in India’s pursuit of cutting-edge technology. The tender calls for the development of manufacturing, assembly, and engine integration technologies, along with the manufacturing of engine hardware and the supply of 20 units of assembled Advanced Turbo Gas Generator (ATGG) Engines, including spares.

The key objective of the tender issued by GTRE is to invite Indian industry partners to participate in the development, manufacturing, and supply of ATGG Engines. This includes the creation of technologies for efficient manufacturing processes, assembly techniques, and integration methods. The tender outlines a timeline of 30 months for the Indian industry partner to deliver 20 units of assembled ATGG Engines along with necessary spares.

In a notable collaborative approach, GTRE has decided to provide a Free Issue of Material (FIM) for crucial engine components, such as forgings, castings, bar-stock, sheet metal, and tubes for fabricating pipelines. Additionally, ready-to-fit parts and Bill of Items (BOIs), including fasteners, seals, alternators, and bearings, will be supplied by GTRE. This collaborative effort aims to leverage the expertise of both DRDO and the Indian industry partner for the successful realization of the ATGG Engines.

The Advanced Turbo Gas Generator (ATGG) is a single-spool turbojet engine designed with advanced features. It incorporates a 4-stage axial flow compressor, an annular combustor, a single-stage axial flow uncooled turbine, and a fixed exit area nozzle. This configuration is indicative of a sophisticated propulsion system that can find applications in various aerospace domains, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), target drones, and other aircraft.

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