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Indian startup Big Bang Boom Solutions (BBBS) took center stage at the India-Sri Lanka Defence Seminar, igniting a collaborative pathway for innovation in the island nation’s defense capabilities. BBBS presented its next-generation warfare technology to the Sri Lankan Armed Forces, potentially shaping the future of their defense strategy.

BBBS showcased its Anti-Drone Defense System that boasts the capability to detect and neutralize a wide range of drones, including commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) models and autonomous drones. Employing passive RF sensor technology, it minimizes the risk of false alarms. Furthermore, each component adheres to rigorous Mil Spec 801G standards, guaranteeing reliability in harsh environments.

BBBS developed AI-Assisted Drone Interceptor with Safe Recovery (SKY TRAP 300) to tackle the growing threat posed by drones. The AI-powered SKY TRAP 300 intercepts drones and facilitates their safe recovery, potentially providing valuable intelligence was showcased.

AI-SMART Fencing System (DETECT-RECOGNIZE-IDENTIFY Perimeter Intrusion) a intelligent perimeter security solution integrates detection, recognition, and identification functionalities. The AI-SMART Fencing System safeguards critical assets by effectively monitoring designated areas was also briefed.

BBBS’s participation in the India-Sri Lanka Defence Seminar highlights the growing prominence of Indian defense startups. The event fostered collaboration between the two nations, paving the way for knowledge sharing and the potential for future joint ventures in defense technology development.