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The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has unveiled a new name for its highly anticipated Next-Gen Launch Vehicle (NGLV) program – Surya, the Sanskrit word for Sun. This powerful new launch vehicle promises to revolutionize India’s spacefaring capabilities.

Surya will be propelled by a game-changing LOX-Methane engine, the LME 1000. This engine boasts the ability to deliver a staggering 32 tons of payload to Low Earth Orbit (LEO), nearly triple the capacity of ISRO’s current workhorses.

The first stage of Surya will be equipped with a cluster of nine LME 1000 engines, generating immense thrust to propel even heavier payloads into space. This significant leap in performance paves the way for more ambitious space missions, including deeper exploration and larger satellites.

Surya’s development signifies a major stride for ISRO, solidifying India’s position as a leading force in space exploration. The increased payload capacity will open doors to a wider range of scientific missions, commercial ventures, and potentially even future human spaceflight endeavors.

While an official launch date hasn’t been announced, Surya’s unveiling marks a significant milestone in ISRO’s journey. This powerful new launch vehicle promises to illuminate a bright future for Indian space exploration.