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The Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS), India’s indigenously developed artillery powerhouse, is back in action! After undergoing modifications based on the Indian Army’s feedback, the 155mm beast has returned to the Pokhran Field Firing Range for fresh trials, according to First India News, a leading Rajasthani news channel.

Reports suggest that the upgraded ATAGS is hitting its targets with pinpoint accuracy, much to the satisfaction of both Indian Army and DRDO officials present at the trials. These trials hold immense significance, as the Army is expected to place orders for a whopping 307 ATAGS guns once the trials are successfully concluded.

The Indian Army, known for its meticulous standards, had requested certain changes to the ATAGS after the last round of trials. These modifications are believed to be at the core of the current validation tests. It’s like putting the final touches on a masterpiece, ensuring that the ATAGS meets the Army’s specific needs and performs flawlessly on the battlefield.

Jaisalmer, with its challenging terrain and diverse weather conditions, has often served as the testing ground for ATAGS. This time too, the Pokhran Field Firing Range, located in the heart of the Thar Desert, is providing the perfect proving ground for the upgraded gun.

With these trials marking a crucial step towards ATAGS’ induction into the Indian Army, the anticipation is palpable. The success of these trials will not only equip the Army with a formidable weapon but also be a testament to India’s growing prowess in developing cutting-edge defense technology.

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