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Archer-NG which was unveiled for the first time at Aero India 2023 will be getting a critical system that will boost its capabilities in Maritime operations. Archer-NG will be equipped with an Israeli Airborne Maritime Surveillance Radar that will further enhance Indian Navy’s Maritime Surveillance and EEZ Patrolling capabilities.

Israeli ELM-2022U, a combat-proven long-range airborne multimode maritime surveillance radar that weighs only 75kg has been chosen to be used for the detection and automatic tracking of small targets in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

ELM-2022U radar can also be used for Air-to-Air Surveillance, Air-to-Ground (SAR and GMTI) Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance (ISR) Missions. Variant of the ELM-2022 radar is also used by the Indian Navy and Indian Coast guard on the Dornier-228 Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA).

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