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In 2022, HAL officials have confirmed that it is exploring the possibility of setting up a Joint Venture for the manufacture of seats in India as IAF is looking to procure nearly 470 fighter jets and another 70-80 LIFT Trainer aircraft in the next 20 years. HAL to avoid any possible embargo on the export of Indian-made jets has taken up plans to develop them locally for the Indian and Export markets. was told by a HAL official at Aero India 2023 that talks with two companies are progressing well, one is an Indian private sector company and another is an International Ejection seat manufacturer with whom a three-way partnership might be forged.

Indigenous ejection seats will have the widest accommodation range both for female and Male pilots that weigh from 48kg to 108kg with a height range from 5 feet to 6 feet that are better suited for Indian pilots.

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