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Hyderabad-based VEM Technologies that has developed AsiBal, a third-generation man-portable fire-and-forget ATGM has plans to commence user trials of the ATGM along with support coming from the Indian Army that will grant them a clearance certificate for possible export of the weapons system.

AsiBal has completed internal trials by the company and it’s on offer to Indian Army and also to the export market once it gets clearance certification from Indian Authorities it will be offered to the interested customer while it offers it to Indian Army also which has huge requirements of its own.

AsiBal weighs 18.5 kg with missile and launcher and has a dual mode imaging infrared seeker (MWIR) equipped with tandem HEAT warhead that can penetrate 750-850mm of Armour on a main battle tank with an effective range of 2500 meters with fire and forget system.

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