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Dr. AK Ghosh, project director of AMCA at Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), told News18, that AMCA Mk2 will have indigenous content as high as 90% and AMCA will be comparable to other global fifth-generation fighter jets such as American F-35 Lightning II and the Su-57 aircraft of the United States.

Ghosh confirmed that once Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) approval for the indigenous Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) comes, three-and-a-half years after the CCS approval, the Prototype will be rolled out and the first flight will be concluded after one year after rollout.

Critical Design Review (CDR) of the AMCA will be completed by end of this year and soon after ADA will move to CCS for funding approval to the tune of 15000 crores and there will be separate funding for the development of new 110kN thrust engine that DRDO’s GTRE will develop with foreign engine manufacture.

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