Soviet-era Ilyushin 38 aircraft maritime patrol aircraft will be completely retired from the Indian Navy by end of 2023 as per the latest media report, the Indian Navy already has retired 3 IL-38 aircraft due to their advanced age while the Navy has started replacing them with Modern P-8I at the INS Hansa from they operated earlier. has been told one aircraft will be retired by mid of 2023 and another by end of 2023 thus completing nearly 46 years of service to the country. Indian Navy lost two IL-38s in 2002 due to a mid-air collision that killed 12 crew.

Russian Navy will continue to operate an unspecified number of IL-38 maritime patrol aircraft and also will be the sole operator of the type. Indian Navy operates 12 American maritime patrols and reconnaissance aircraft and is pushing to procure 4 more for its requirements

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