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The Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) will be submitting a preliminary design review (PDR) for the TEDBF program by March 2023. Completion of the PDR Phase will be the first major milestone in the program as the program will soon move towards a Critical Design Review (CDR) that will be achieved by mid or by late 2024. has been told that PDR will mean that the TEDBF program has achieved Technical maturity and the risk reduction phase has been concluded. PDR phase is completed when technologies are wither being demonstrated and preliminary design studies the operational and suitability requirements set by the user. The Critical Design Review (CDR) and the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) are two of the most important reviews in the acquisition process.

ADA to avoid delays in the TEDBF program is planning to seek Cabinet Committee on Security approval of 14000 crores for the program by mid of 2023 itself instead of waiting for completion of the CDR phase. Once CCS clears the funds for the program, ADA plans to manufacture 4 Prototypes that will be used for developmental trials, and rollout of the first aircraft is planned in late 2025 if CCS clearance is granted by the mid-2023 and the first flight by end of 2026.

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