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Bengaluru-based Newspace Research and Technologies Pvt Ltd has proposed to develop CATS Max (Mothership for Air teaming eXploitation ) which they claim will be a bigger and improved high-speed, high-altitude unmanned combat aerial vehicle that can function like a mothership and data centre for the CATS Warrior, CATS Air Launched Flexible Assets (ALFA) and CATS Hunter and other platforms that are under consideration. has been told at Aero India 2023 that CATS Max will be a bigger stealthy platform that can also be used as a standoff delivery platform without exposing the aircraft and manned piloted aircraft in strike missions over the enemy airspace.

CATS Max will be able to carry weapons in its Internal Weapons Bay (IWB) and on its hardpoints in the wings and likely will be powered by a 25kn Class of engine that is under development by the HAL. CATS Max is still at proposal stage and no timeline of the program is available.

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