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Next Gen Supersonic Trainer Hindustan Lead-in Fighter Trainer (HLFT)-42 revealed by the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) at Aero India 2023 will be developed technologies that are to be developed for the Tejas Mk2 and AMCA Program as the proposed Next Gen Supersonic Trainer will be going through further design refinements and other improvements and should be ready after 2030. has been told that the HLFT-42 will be a well-capable combat trainer that will provide real-combat experience to the new pilots before they embark to fly 5th-generation fighter jets like AMCA.

HAL has proposed HLFT-42 to be used as a Stage-III trainer aircraft that will sit above BAE HAWKs and HTT-40 in the training aircraft fleet in the Indian Air Force. IAF initially had backed the development of LCA-LIFT based on the LCA-Trainer aircraft but that has now been dropped for the HLFT-42 next-gen trainer whose development work will be done in parallel after consultation with the IAF on various other parameters.

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