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Next Gen Supersonic Trainer Hindustan Lead-in Fighter Trainer (HLFT)-42 revealed by the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) at Aero India 2023 turns out to be a bigger and more capable fighter than Tejas Mk1 in almost all basic features of the jets. Specification acquired of the jet by the makes HLFT-42 jet bigger than Tejas Mk1 in all dimensions that can carry more fuel and weapons payload.

HLFT-42 has a maximum takeoff weight of 16.5 tons while Tejas Mk1 has demonstrated a maximum takeoff weight of 14 tons. HLFT-42 has 11 hardpoints, 2 on the wingtip, two beneath the port-side air intake, one under the fuselage (centreline station) and three hardpoints under each wing, while Tejas Mk1 has only 8 hardpoints.

Since HLFT-42 dimensionally is also a bigger jet it can also carry 3500kg of fuel internally while Tejas Mk1 can carry only 2950 kg which means HLFT-42 can carry over 17% more fuel internally while the ferry range with drop tanks was not revealed at Aero India 2023 this internal fuel carrying capacity surpasses even the Internal fuel carrying capacity of the Tejas Mk2 that stands at around 3400kgs.

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