Goa Shipyard Ltd with help of Alliance Engineers based in Thane has developed successfully Helicopter Landing Grid which is usually used for Helicopter operations from ships at sea.

Indigenised Helicopter Landing Grid which was imported from abroad till now will lead to savings of $ 1.43 Million of foreign exchange on each assembles. Goa Shipyard Ltd developed Helicopter Landing Grid are compatible with most of the helicopters operated by the Indian Navy such as Sea king, ALH, etc. Continue reading


6. Illegal Capture of Shaksgam Valley/Trans Karakoram Track 1963 – The Trans-Karakoram Tract is composed of the Shaksgam Valley and was formerly administered as a part of Shigar, a valley in Baltistan region. Most names of mountains, lakes, rivers and passes are in Balti/Ladakhi, meaning this land had been part of Baltistan/Ladakh region for a long time and has no connection with China whatsoever. The only connection with China was that China claimed suzerainty over Hunza, south of Macdonald line as its emir had given nominal allegiance to China in 1847. But suddenly after WW2 ended in 1959, China published maps showing large areas west and south of Macdonald line as part of its territory. Continue reading


Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Indian Airforce are very keen on to wrap up the deal for 110 fighter jets in next two years and to shorten the process, IAF is considering only evaluating the performance of the new systems which were previously not available in the aircraft in the previous technical trials.

Under now scrapped MMRCA deal for 126 fighter jets, All Six Fighter jets Dassault Rafale, Eurofighter, F-16, F-18, Gripen-E, and Mig-35 had gone through pretty intensive technical evaluation trials by Indian Airforce both in India and at the country of origin. Technical trials covered almost every performance criteria of the aircraft and each claim made by the Aircraft manufacturers were countered checked to see if they meet technical requirements set by the Indian Air Force. Continue reading


After India confirmed what was suspected for a long time that Indo-Russian Joint venture to develop 5th Generation fighter aircraft based on Sukhoi’s Su-57 Stealth fighter has been put on backburner permanently and India has quietly left the program showing no interest in pursuing the project with Russia anymore. In deference shown by its own air force towards the project might have come as the final nail in the coffin for the program after Russian Airforce recently also refused to go beyond the Initial order of 12 aircraft which was placed a few years back.

Russian Airforce is quite happy with 4++ Generation aircraft like Sukhoi Su-30SM and Sukhoi Su-35 which were inducted into the fleet only a few years back and plans to continue adding additional capabilities and new aircraft in the fleet leaving out expensive Su-57 completely out of its modernization plan for next decade to come. Continue reading


Since the video of ‘7 Sins of India’ rolled out from china’s news manufacturing unit, I thought I should list out the list of ‘7 Sins of China’. Btw did anyone notice this video was surprisingly posted in english language and in social media platforms like youtube, twitter both of which are supposedly banned in China. Truly speaking there are numerous sins committed by China but I will list out just 7 most infamous ones, and these are: – Continue reading


Turkey’s Government-Owned English-language based TRT World news channel portal has accused Indian state of using Hindu pilgrimage sites like Amarnath yatra to expand its nationalist project and further its claim on the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir which India calls its own.

Article pen downed by Kashmir based independent journalist Nayim Rather has accused New Delhi of starting State-sponsored religious yatra only after the political turbulence of the 1990s when Kashmir militancy was at its peak. Author has said that the Indian state is using Amarnath yatra with an objective to care out a forceful cultural integration of the state of Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of India. Continue reading


In 2016, India agreed to purchase last Two of the unfinished Admiral Grigorovich-class frigates from Russia which were lying unused and their construction suspended after Ukraine refused to supply M90FR gas turbine power plants to Moscow after the Ukrainian crisis and in addition to that India also agreed to make Two additional Grigorivitch-class frigates back home in State-owned Goa Shipyard Ltd (GSL) in Goa .

GSL which never has build frigates class ships in its past is requesting higher cost for the two frigates since the shipyard will require to invest and boost its existing infrastructure to complete the project of this scale in time making it more expensive then what it could have costed India if both additional ships were manufactured by the Yantar shipyard in Kaliningrad in Russia. GSL is yet to confirm the price tag, but the cost could be significantly higher making Ministry of Defence (MOD) jittery which is now considering all possible solutions to this. Continue reading


Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Nashik Division has formed a special panel to carry out an Internal feasibility study for development of a 5th Generation fighter jet, report of which will be submitted to Ministry of Defence in next two months said Indian media report.

HAL Nashik Division is currently involved in the manufacturing of Sukhoi-30MKI for the Indian Air Force and HAL was planning to manufacture Indo-Russian 5th Generation FGFA fighter aircraft based on Su-57 aircraft from the same facility after production of Su-30MKI was concluded by 2021. But after India pulled out from the Joint venture, Nashik Division is feeling the heat since the production line and its facilities will now lye vacant due to lack of projects. Continue reading


India’s first indigenous, long-range artillery gun “Dhanush” which cleared its final round of trials earlier this year is all set to pave way for official induction into Indian Army as Gun Carriage Factory, Jabalpur (GCF) is currently preparing to handover Six indigenously-developed 155 mm ‘Dhanush’ artillery guns to Indian Army.

GCF till now has developed 12 Pre-production Dhanush 155-millimeter/45-caliber towed howitzer which was extensively used by Indian Army for series of user Trials over the years. Six guns to be handed over are from the initial order for 114 guns. Continue reading


Former chief of naval staff Admiral Arun Prakash while speaking to media backed Indian Air Force taking over command of LCA-Tejas Project from state-owned aerospace and defense company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) , he went further ahead and even said not only LCA-Tejas Project should be taken over and operated by Indian Air Force he also advocated IAF taking over full command of HAL from the Civil-Bureaucratic controls .

Citing a neighborhood example of JF-17 program which is under direct control and management of Pakistan Air Force, Former chief supported IAF moves to take over LCA-Tejas Project in running its day to day operations at the production line and again cited example of Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) which is HAL of Pakistan and is involved in manufacturing of all Pakistani defence aerospace projects but is fully managed by Senior ranked Pakistan Air Force officials. Continue reading


Indian state-owned aerospace and defense company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has come under severe criticism by Defence Ministry after HAL quoted over ?463 crore for each 83 Mk-1A variants featuring specific advancements which made it even more expensive than twin-engine Sukhoi-30 assembled in India for just over ?400 crore.

What raised several eyebrows was that for Mk-1, HAL quoted ?100 crore and price hike from ?100 crore to ?463 crore for Mk-1A even though a major chunk of the systems remain the same! what has to lead to a sudden surge in price even if new systems and inflations are factored in? HAL needs to answer them first. Continue reading


News just trickled as to how UAE double game hit India hard. India had help nab the runaway UAE princes off Goa coast and hoped that UAE will reciprocate by handling over a wanted terrorist by the likes of Farooq Devdiwala but this was not to be as UAE played a massive double game handing him over to Pakistan. This has hit India hard, with a massive diplomatic loss of face. Lets start from the start,

Case 1 – Runaway UAE Princess Continue reading


BrahMos Chief Dr. Sudhir Mishra has confirmed that India by end of this month, India will test-fire BrahMos supersonic cruise missile with Enhanced 90-degree steep dive capability that could be a game-changer in many ways for the forces.

At present, BrahMos has demonstrated a 65 to 70-degree steep dive attack capabilities due to which it will be able to target enemy positions even behind a mountainous terrain and will not require missile to fly around it to find the target . with 90-degree steep dive capability BrahMos can Hit Target directly overhead with precision. Continue reading


Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has claimed Rs 273 crore from the Insurance company after recent crash of underproduction Sukhoi Su-30MKI but according to Industrial sources closes to, IAF may never get a brand new Sukhoi Su-30MKI instead even after Insurance is settled and the production line will close as planned earlier.

Indian Air Force till now has lost 8 Sukhoi Su-30MKI aircraft,including the recent crash of the undelivered Su-30MKI after their induction from 1997 onwards. In 2009, IAF for the first time lost back to back first and second Su-30MKI in the very same year, due to which IAF placed orders for Two additional aircraft as attrition replacement of the 2009 crashes which were accommodated in 2012 follow-on orders for 42 jets. Continue reading


Taiwan Media has confirmed that it has received Submarine design offer from several countries which include almost all major United States allies including Japan, India, and Several European countries since the US doesn’t build or operate Conventional submarine also known as Diesel submarines to meet the Taiwanese defense ministry Global request for help in construction of indigenous submarine locally .

Taiwan operates four Submarines in its Navy and only Two Hai Lung (Sea Dragon) class which are over 30 years old are operationally active in its service. Taiwan for last two decades has been trying to acquire new Conventional submarine from abroad but due to aggressive bullying from China, many European Countries have stayed away from offering a direct sale of the submarine to Taiwan which lead to considerable reduction in operational capabilities of the Taiwan Navy to thwart any possible invasion of the country from China . Continue reading