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Russia has refuted Western media reports suggesting India is abandoning its reliance on Russian weaponry. In a recent interview, the Russian Ambassador to India, Denis Alipov, highlighted India’s continued production of Russian-designed T-90 tanks and Su-30MKI fighter jets under license agreements.

Ambassador Alipov emphasized that India has already produced nearly 1,000 T-90 tanks and 300 Su-30MKI aircraft, signifying a strong and ongoing military partnership between the two nations. He contrasted Russia’s approach with Western countries, claiming Russia offers full transfer of advanced military technology to India, unlike potential limitations imposed by other arms suppliers.

These comments come amid growing diversification efforts by India in its defense procurement, with increasing interest in acquiring weapons from other countries like the US and France. There have been speculations that this could indicate a potential shift away from traditional reliance on Russian military equipment.

Despite Russia’s assurances, India’s pursuit of military equipment from other sources is likely to continue.This could lead to a more balanced portfolio of defense acquisitions by India, potentially reducing its dependence on any single supplier. The extent to which India continues to collaborate with Russia on military technology and procurement will depend on various factors, including evolving geopolitical dynamics, broader military modernization goals, and the competitiveness of future arms deals offered by other countries.