When Chinese labourers working on the CPEC, the economic corridor linking the two countries, insulted and assaulted Pakistani soldiers on July 21, it was quietly hushed up. The Chinese labourers beat up two Pakistan Army soldiers–Havilder Asadullah and Sapper Fazal ur Rahman — who have strict orders not to retaliate. Li Yuyun, one of the Chinese labourers, hit the havildar on the head twice, while the other labourers–Li Yujun, Li Guoying and Bu Lei– attacked the sapper.

Even for the all-powerful Pakistan Army, the Chinese are special, they are above the law. The attack, not the first of its kind, was between the Chinese labourers working on Main Line 1 of the CPEC and the soldiers, who were supposed to protect them. Continue reading


The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has time and again branded Pakistan a safe country for international cricket. While some teams like West Indies, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have started to tour Pakistan for international cricket, PCB’s claims suffered a big setback on Friday when a cricket match had to be abandoned after some terrorists opened fire at players, spectators at Kohat Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan.

As per a report in The Daily Star, a large number of people had turned up to watch the match despite the COVID-19 pandemic. It was the final of the Amn Cricket tournament at the Dradar Mamazai area in Ismailzai tehsil in the upper part of Orakzai district. Continue reading


Saudi Arabia has halted the provision of oil on loan for Pakistan after the Imran Khan government threatened to split the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) over Kashmir. Hit by a severe economic crisis, Pakistan had borrowed a $6.2 billion loan from Saudi Arabia in 2018. The loan package included a provision under which Saudi Arabia granted Pakistan $3.2 billion worth of oil, a year on deferred payments.

Pakistani media on Saturday said that the provision meant for Islamabad expired two months ago and has not been renewed by Riyadh. Instead, Islamabad has prematurely returned $1 billion Saudi loan, four months ahead of the repayment period, The Express Tribune said quoting sources and Sajid Qazi, the spokesperson of the Petroleum Division. Continue reading


Since the multibillion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor was launched in 2013, there has been cynical scrutiny of the project, arguably more so than other China-backed overseas investments. The United States has led in the criticism, cautioning that CPEC projects are neither transparent nor cost-efficient, and warning Islamabad that it is subjecting itself to expensive loans under China’s Belt and Road Initiative – through which Beijing has pledged more than US$60 billion so far.

But supporters of the project, including the Pakistani government, maintain that Islamabad will not end up being a client state of Beijing’s, and that the CPEC is its best shot at economic development. Will they have a chance to be proven right? Continue reading

SOURCE: Global Times

A netizen has been detained for spreading rumors on social media that poor quality military vehicles supplied by Dongfeng sport utility vehicle company, a subsidiary of Dongfeng Motor Corporation and corruption among personnel in the company’s special equipment division resulted in casualties among soldiers in the frontline of the border with India, according to a notification that the company published on Wednesday.

The netizen, surnamed Zhou, confessed that he (or she) fabricated the rumor and posted it in a family message group on Wechat on Sunday, which was then forwarded and spread further on the platform. Dongfeng company later reported the widely circulating post to the police on Monday and asked for an investigation into the case due to the adverse effect it had on the company. Continue reading


Former Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Akhtar has said that he is ready to eat grass if it meant an increase in the budget of the Pakistan army. “If Allah ever gives me the authority, I will eat grass myself but I will increase the budget of the army,” Akhtar said, as quoted by ANI (from an interview with ARY News).

Akhtar further said the civilians and the army need to collaborate with each other. “I will ask my army chief to sit with me and make decisions. If the budget is 20 per cent, I will make it 60 per cent. If we insult each other, the loss is ours only,” said the former Pakistan fast bowler. Continue reading


Chinese state-run media reported on Wednesday that sea trials of the first ship of a new class of amphibious assault warships for the country’s navy appear to have started. The first ship of the Type 075 class was launched at a shipyard in Shanghai in September last year. The Global Times reported on Wednesday “The presumed maiden voyage will likely test the amphibious assault ship’s main systems, including propulsion, navigation and communication…”

The Global Times noted “It usually takes a new warship a year or two to formally join military service after its first sea trial, military analysts said. This means the first Type 075 will likely be commissioned into the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy in 2021 or 2022.” Continue reading


The first Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik (“Hunter”) attack drone should be delivered to the Russian military in 2024 after the Ministry of Defense demanded to speed up the experimental work on the upcoming unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV).

With the testing of the aircraft’s armament initially planned for 2024, the UCAV was supposed to enter service the following year. The deadline has now been reduced by a year. “We received an assignment from the Defense Ministry to speed up the experimental design work and maximally adjust the schedule in order to begin the deliveries already from 2024,” United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Head Yuri Slyusar said, as reported by TASS news agency. “That is why we are actively working with colleagues on this issue.” Continue reading

SOURCE:  Newscomworld

We bring to our readers an Exclusive Interview with a Sindhi Officer of Pakistan Army who was able to shed light on different aspects of the freedom struggle in Sindhudesh. As per him all Pakistan Army Chiefs in the past have worked for one or the other foreign Intelligence Agency. However the current: Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa works for the Chinese Intelligence.

Twitter has suspended several of his previous Twitter handles on complaints by Pakistan Army and their millions of Twitter Trolls of Pakistan’s Department of Disinformation ISPR. His current active Twitter handle is @__Sindhudesh1. If Pakistan Twitter Trolls suspend his present handle as well by repeated complaints, we will still continue to bring to you important information from the officer as Twitter is NOT the only one mean of communication and there are other lines of communication open as well. Continue reading


Prime Minister Imran Khan and the army’s joint effort to embarrass and oust Supreme Court judge Qazi Faez Isa is driven by the establishment’s 2023 worry when the judge, who has taken a tough line on the army, is slated to be elevated as the country’s Chief Justice. Justice Isa, who was elevated to Pakistan’s top court in 2014, riled the army brass and Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf by his verdicts that have been unsparing of the establishment and Pakistan’s deep state.

A 10-judge bench of the Supreme Court on June 19 cancelled a May 2019 presidential reference to the Supreme Court Judicial Council that wanted action against Justice Isa, accusing him of concealing foreign properties of his wife and children in his declaration of assets. But the bench didn’t close the case and ordered the Federal Board of Revenue to probe the charge and send its report to the top court. Continue reading


With China-Pakistan Economic Corridor at the heart of President Xi Jinping’s plan to consolidate economic relations with Africa and Middle-East via Gwadar, Beijing wants Islamabad to move the UN Security Council’s 1267 Al Qaida, Taliban and affiliates committee to brand Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) a global terrorist organisation. The BLA is engaged in a struggle for self-determination for ethnic Baloch people and has been declared a terrorist organization by Pakistan, UK and US.

While Beijing has assured Pakistan of full backing to get the BLA declared as global terrorist organisation by the UNSC, Islamabad has developed cold feet as it feels that the matter should be handled internally and any move to UN will only internationalise the Baloch issue. Continue reading


Baloch and Sindhi separatist groups in Pakistan have announced they are forming an alliance aimed ostensibly at attacking Chinese interests in a development likely increase security costs for Belt and Road Initiative projects in Pakistan. On July 25, Baloch Raji Ajoi Sangar, or BRAS, a consortium of four Baloch separatist organizations, announced in a media release an alliance with the Sindudesh Revolutionary Army, or SRA, a little known separatist group operating in southeastern Sindh province. Balochistan is another province in the southwest.

“Sindh and Balochistan are equally affected by the ‘expansionist’ and ‘oppressive’ resolves of China,” the statement said. “Through the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), China aims to subjugate Sindh and Balochistan and occupy the coasts and resources from Badin to Gwadar,” the statement added, referring to a pair of coastal cities. Continue reading


Days after Foreign Ministers of four countries Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan and China met virtually to deal with COVID-19 crisis, Nepal foreign minister has dismissed any idea of creating a subregional group involving the four countries.

Nepal Foreign minister Pradeep Gyawali said, “Virtual conference of four countries was totally focused on the cooperation amidst the COVID-19. It is unnecessary and wrong to create any other type of coordination between those countries. Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan are members of SAARC and China is an observer of the SAARC, we are already in a single umbrella.” Gyawali rejected the idea of any plan to create a sub-regional alliance. “There is no possibility, desire or plan to create another sub-regional alliance or organisation comprising of those four countries. It was purely confined on cooperation on COVID-19 pandemic,” he said. Continue reading


Growing discontentment and religious journals seething with anger is what authorities in Pakistan have found when they tried to gauze public mood on the atrocities against Uyghurs by Chinese govt in the restive western province of Xinjiang. An assessment was done to get a first-hand view on the issue which is now getting increased global spotlight as evidence comes to light overuse of brutal force by China in the province.

The main objective of the Pakistani assessment was to manage the reaction and control any overt activity that may cause embarrassment for both Pakistan and China on the Uyghur issue. The study noted the treatment of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang has especially impacted religious opinion in Pakistan with a number of journals covering the development. Continue reading


Pakistan has achieved another milestone after it added Al-Khalid Tank-I into its arsenal which is considered as main armoured combat vehicle and termed as “king of battlefield” by military experts. The tank was built under joint venture with China and Ukraine and handed over to Pakistan Army’s Armoured Corps Regiment in a ceremony held at Heavy Industry Taxila (HIT) on Tuesday.

The ceremony also attended by army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa. Al-Khalid tank-I is a great example of Pakistan’s self-reliance and testifies the strength of Pak-China friendship. It is equipped with advanced technology like Driver Digital Panel and Thermal Imaging. In addition to this, it has the ability to effectively defend itself against nuclear, biological and chemical attacks. Continue reading