An “off the cuff-remark” by a former chief of Mossad, Israeli Intelligence agency, prompted the American CIA to send an emergency team to Pakistan to learn if a major conflict between India and Pakistan was imminent in 90s.

In a recent interview with a magazine and in his book “Head of the Mossad”, Shabtai Shavit has shared his views on a variety of issues. According to Shavit, In 1990, during a meeting with chief of CIA’s analysis department at a restaurant in the Israeli capital he made the remarks about India-Pakistan issues. Continue reading

SOURCE : Sydney Morning Herald

Off a cold and windswept island in the outer Hebrides of Scotland, a pair of Australian submarine-hunting helicopters flew recently over rough seas in Europe’s biggest naval exercise.The waters are true submarine territory – the kind of place where the Russians played cat and mouse for decades with NATO navies.

The pair of MH-60 “Romeo” choppers helped hunt Dutch, Norwegian and British submarines that were simulating gathering intelligence from ports or blocking maritime choke points to impede sea trade. Learning from the world’s best is vital for the Australian Defence Force as it prepares for a future in which, barely a decade from now, half the world’s submarines will be in waters stretching between the Indian and Pacific oceans. Continue reading


Russia’s Radio-Electronic Technologies Group (KRET) expects to complete work by 2025 to develop a helicopter capable of controlling a swarm of drones, KRET Deputy CEO for R&D on Onboard Equipment Givi Dzhandzhgava said at the HeliRussia-2018 exhibition on Thursday.

“Within a period of up to 2025, we should both test these technologies and make a breakthrough,” he said, replying to a question about when a helicopter capable of controlling a swarm of drones would appear in Russia. Continue reading


China’s top anti-terrorism official has called for closer international cooperation to “destroy the breeding ground of terrorism,” along with a ramping-up of already overwhelming counterterrorism measures at home.State media quoted State Councilor Zhao Kezhi telling officials at a national teleconference yesterday that more needs to be done to improve intelligence gathering and anti-infiltration measures.

“It’s necessary to comprehensively implement measures to address the root cause and improve anti-terrorism work system,” the official Xinhua News Agency quoted Zhao as saying. Continue reading

SOURCE: The National Interest

As new adversary fifth-generation stealth fighters such as the Russian Sukhoi Su-57 PAK-FA and the Chengdu J-20 emerge from development, the United States Navy is working on developing and fielding new capabilities that will allow naval aviators to defeat the threat.

The key is Boeing’s new F/A-18E/F Block III Super Hornet—and the advanced new technologies incorporated into the jet—combined with the upgraded capabilities of the Boeing/Lockheed Martin Infrared Search and Track (IRST) Block II pod. By upgrading older platforms with new datalinks, massively increased processing power and new sensors, Boeing and the Navy have found a way to negate the threat to carrier aviation from emerging low observable threat platforms. Continue reading


Russia’s state conglomerate Rostec will supply China with 10 Su-35 fighter jets this year, Interfax news agency reported on Thursday, citing Rostec.

The corporation said China would buy 24 fighter jets in total in a deal worth around $2.5 billion, according to Interfax. It had already supplied China with 14 Su-35 fighter jets in 2016 and 2017, the agency said. Continue reading


In a major show of strength, the Russian Navy on Tuesday successfully test-fired fired four intercontinental nuclear Bulava ballistic missiles from a submarine in the White Sea. The submarine-launched ballistic missile Bulavas, which can carry up to 10 nuclear warheads of 100-150 kilotonnes each and have a range of 8,300 kilometres, were test-fired within a few seconds of each other from the submerged nuclear submarine Yuri Dolgorukiy.

“On May 22, the Project 955 Borei-class strategic nuclear submarine Yuri Dolgorukiy made a successful test salvo launch of four Bulava ballistic missiles from the designated area in the White Sea to targets at the Kura shooting range on the Kamchatka Peninsula within combat training. Continue reading


Rohingya militants massacred Hindu villagers during last year’s uprising in Myanmar’s Rakhine, Amnesty International said Wednesday in a report that sheds fresh light on the complex ethnic rivalries in the state.

The killings took place on August 25, 2017, the report said, the same day that the Rohingya insurgents staged coordinated deadly raids on police posts that tipped the state into crisis.Myanmar’s military responded to the insurgent raids with harsh reprisals that forced some 700,000 Rohingya Muslims out of the mainly Buddhist country where they have faced persecution for years.  Continue reading


Technology that has helped Israel’s military drive tanks, guide and intercept missiles, and keep its computer systems secure is being redeployed in the development of driverless cars.Investment from firms seeking access to Israeli expertise in automated driving, much of it gathered by engineers during their conscription, is pouring into startups.

US chipmaker Intel, German auto supplier Continental, Samsung, Daimler, Ford Motor Co and GM are among those to have bought startups or set up their own development centres in Israel. Continue reading

SOURCE: Reuters

Israel is the first country to have used the U.S.-made F-35 stealth fighter in combat, the Israeli air force chief said on Tuesday in remarks carried by the military’s official Twitter account.

Local media further quoted Major-General Amikam Norkin as saying in a speech to the chiefs of 20 foreign air forces convening in Israel: “We are flying the F-35 all over the Middle East and have already attacked twice on two different fronts”. Continue reading


Did the US really find the then most wanted man in the world — Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden – on its own or did the then Pakistan army chief Ashfaq Kayani divulge details about the dreaded terrorist? Is it just a coincidence that Kayani held a secret meeting with US officials just two days before Laden was killed in a spectacular raid in Abbottabad, 150 km inside Pakistan territory?

Maybe America knew about Bin Laden’s whereabouts through a mole in the ISI or was it part of a US-Pakistan deal? Continue reading


Turkey will export 30 ATAK helicopters to Pakistan after both the countries signed a $1.5 billion deal, reported Yeni Safak.

The deal is Turkey’s biggest defense export in history. According to Turkey’s Undersecretary for Defense Industries Ismail Demir, the deal would be officially announced next week. In November 2017, Pakistan’s defense minister said that 90 percent of the sales period of the 30 ATAK helicopters and four warships was completed, and that the payment options were being worked on. Continue reading


Pakistan is giving finishing touches to its action plan that proposes measures for combating money laundering and terror financing to prevent itself from being placed on the grey list of a global watchdog next month, according to a media report.

A compliance report has been submitted by the Pakistani government to the Asia-Pacific Group (APG) – a sub-group within the Paris-based watchdog Financial Action Task Force – detailing the steps taken thus far and those that will be taken in the future to bring Pakistan’s financial, regulatory and legal landscape into compliance with the watchdog’s requirements, Dawn News reported. Continue reading


Russia on Saturday unveiled the world’s first floating nuclear power station at a ceremony in the port of the far northern city of Murmansk, where it will be loaded with nuclear fuel before heading to eastern Siberia.

Built in Saint Petersburg, the Akademik Lomonosov arrived in Murmansk on Thursday, where it was moored in the port and presented to the media on Saturday.Constructed by the state nuclear power firm Rosatom, the 144 by 30 metre (472 by 98 foot) ship holds two reactors with two 35 megawatt nuclear reactors that are similar to those used to power icebreaker ships. Continue reading


In what appeared as the United States’ (US) dissatisfaction over Pakistan’s efforts to maintain regional security, Washington has highlighted that the country can do more in terms of it.

“We believe that Pakistan can certainly do more with respect to regional security. It can certainly do more with respect to security within Afghanistan, and we would look to them and hope that they would both [Pakistan and Afghanistan] help, because they are both victims of terrorism and they’ve also sponsored terrorism,” Pentagon Chief Spokesperson Dana W. White remarked while addressing a media briefing on Thursday. Continue reading