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China’s ‘all-weather’ friend Pakistan seems set to be the latest country to promise to review the agreements of projects under Chinese President Xi Jinping’s pet Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), of which the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a critical part. A senior member of Imran Khan’s party, the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI), has said the new government would judge which of the projects are not in Pakistan’s interests.

“After the formation of the government we will review the projects’ agreement and decide about those which are not in the country’s interest,” PTI senator Syed Shibli Faraz was quoted as having said in an interview. Faraz’s statements on the matter carry weight since he is a member of the new Pakistani Senate’s Standing Committee on Planning, Development and Reforms. Continue reading


Iran will unveil this week a new jet fighter and upgrade its missile defences to meet threats from Israel and the US, Tasnim news agency said Sunday quoting the defence minister.“Our first priority is our missile capability and we must enhance it… given the enemy’s efforts in missile defence,” said Amir Hatami in an interview on television late Saturday, according to Tasnim.

He added that a new fighter jet “will fly on National Defence Industry Day”, which falls on Wednesday.

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ONLY a few months ago, Canadians were earnestly debating whether or not the country’s Liberal administration was right to go ahead with executing a $12bn contract to deliver armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia. The government said it would, but acknowledged its critics’ concerns by agreeing to adopt a version of an international treaty that limits arms sales to rogues .

However, things took a different turn. It was the Saudis who plunged the deal into uncertainty. After Canada’s foreign minister urged the release of some political prisoners on Twitter, the Saudi government declared that all new business with Canada was suspended. This left Canadians unsure if the kingdom still wants the arms deal. And if the Saudis do walk away, plenty of other countries will be happy to supply armoured cars. “They could get their combat vehicles from Turkey, South Korea or Brazil,” says Pieter Wezeman, a researcher at SIPRI, a Stockholm-based think-tank. Continue reading

SOURCE: Ajai Shukla/ Business Standard

The United States Department of Defense (the Pentagon) revealed on Thursday that the Chinese air force “has been reassigned a nuclear mission”, and is developing long-range strategic bombers to deliver nuclear weapons.

“The deployment and integration of nuclear capable bombers would, for the first time, provide China with a nuclear ‘triad’ of delivery systems dispersed across land, sea, and air,” it said.The US Congress-mandated “Annual Report on Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China” is a Pentagon summary of Chinese military developments over the preceding year. Continue reading


The US’ fifth generation F-35 stealth fighter is too expensive and will become less and less invisible as new and more sophisticated radars come along, Russian military expert Dmitry Drozdenko told Sputnik.

Too Complex

“The F-35 is a very complex system and, as such, it has lots of holes, bugs and other things, and it is very difficult to debug it. Like other problems, all this is because it is an excessively high-tech aircraft,” Drozdenko said. Continue reading


 Russian Aerospace Forces may be able to receive deliveries of MiG-35 jets ahead of schedule in a bid for the manufacturer to keep up the rhythm and save money, the president of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) told Vedomosti newspaper.

“As for MiG-35, we will for the first time test the so-called model of ahead-of-schedule deliveries with the Defense Ministry. This will allow us to keep up the rhythm and lower the expenses on the aircraft manufacturing, while the Defense Ministry will be able to receive the new aircraft a little earlier than the state defense orders schedule says,” Yury Slyusar was quoted as saying by Vedomosti. Continue reading


Pakistan’s foreign ministry has confirmed the suspension of a U.S. military training program for Pakistani soldiers.

Thursday’s announcement by the ministry reflects continued tensions between the two allies in the war on terror.The training of Pakistani soldiers in the United States is the latest program to be hurt by the cutoff of security aid to Pakistan, which was announced at the beginning of this year. Continue reading


Warning China against exploitation of Balochistan’s mineral wealth and occupation of Baloch territory, Baloch pro-independence leader Allah Nazar Baloch asserted that the people of Balochistan would not tolerate their attempts to trample upon their human rights as “the Baloch are a freedom loving people. And, Balochistan is not Xinjiang or Tiananmen.”

In a letter addressed to Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing, Allah Nazar Baloch said the people of Balochistan have no reason to put up with Chinese oppression. “All Chinese are, therefore, legitimate targets, including tourists, fishermen, and labourers insofar they are an integral part of Chinese state’s overseas outreach. We can assure that your Punjabi stooges will not be able to protect you from the wrath of the Baloch people.” Continue reading


Afghan officials claim that dozens of Pakistani nationals were among more than 400 militants killed in fierce battles in southeastern Ghazni province in the past several days.

“During the Taliban attack in Ghazni province, over 400 terrorists were killed, including 70 Pakistani nationals whose bodies are ready to be transferred to Pakistan in Jahangir Bazar, a local market located between Muqur and Gelan districts [Ghazni province],” said Wahidullah Kalimzai, governor of Ghazni province. Continue reading


Israel Aerospace Industries has received a contract to provide Barak-8 advanced missiles to Israeli Navy Sa’ar-6 corvettes.

“Barak-8 is one of IAI’s leading systems and a growth engine for IAI in sales to its customers,” Joseph Weiss, CEO and president of IAI, said in a press release. “The new deal adds to several Barak-8 contracts entered over the past few years with total value of more than $5 billion, which is another feather in the system’s glorious cap.” Continue reading


Even before elections in Pakistan had taken place, the media which articulates the Western establishment point of view, like the Economist, had already declared it a “flawed election”; it even screamed “foul play” which the “khaki umpire” (read the Army) had rigged.

If you will stand for a mixed metaphor, the “khaki umpire” is, these days, playing the monkey between two cats – the US and China. With Donald Trump and his Deep State apparently engaged in a savage fight to the finish, the balance of advantage must be seen to be with China. But the Chinese themselves are keeping their fingers on the China-Pakistan economic corridor. Continue reading


President Donald Trump has signed a $716 billion defense spending bill that would delay the delivery of the F-35 fighter jets to Turkey pending a Pentagon report.In a ceremony at Fort Drum military base in New York on Aug. 13, Trump expressed his pleasure for Congress’ quick approval of National Defense Authorization Act.

“We are going to strengthen our military like never ever before. And that’s what we did,” Trump said.He said with the new budget for 2019, the U.S. will make a critical investment in nuclear weapons. Continue reading


The Tupolev Aircraft Company will develop the modernized Tu-95MSM strategic missile-carrying bomber for Russia’s Defense Ministry, the company’s press office told TASS on Monday.”The contract for creating the heavily-modernized Tu-95MSM aircraft has already been concluded,” the company’s press office said.

The details and the timeframe of the bomber’s heavy upgrade have not yet been disclosed. As the company’s press office said, the state trials of the operational Tu-95MS plane with the modernized engines are expected to be completed by the end of the year. Continue reading


Canadian politician, Tom Kmiec, has raised concerns over persecution of Sindhis in Pakistan and named Pakistani security agencies for human rights abuses against them.Kmiec, who is the Member of Parliament for the riding of Calgary Shepard, in his letter to Canada’s Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, said Pakistani security agencies are behind the ongoing human rights abuses against the 50 million Sindhi people of Pakistan.

“According to reports from the U.S. State Department, extrajudicial killings, torture and targeted violence against ethnic and religious minority groups are common practices in the region, and the Pakistani government has done little to prevent this violence,” he wrote in his letter. Continue reading