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It looks that the Israeli “demonstration of power” during the recent visit of Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has turned into a total failure. On October 16, Shoigu arrived Israel for meetings with Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The sides were reportedly set to discuss the situation in the region, including Syria, the fight against terrorism as well as military and technical cooperation.

At the same day, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claimed that its warplanes targeted a anti-aircraft battery of the Syrian Air Defense Forces that had launched a missile at Israeli aircraft flying over Lebanon. Continue reading


China’s Communist Party (CPC) will amend the party constitution at its key congress that opens tomorrow to reflect leader Xi Jinping’s “new concepts, thinking and strategy for governance,” a top official said on Tuesday.

On Wednesday morning, around 2,300 delegates of the party will meet in Beijing for the twice-a-decade congress, which will conclude on October 24. The congress will choose a new leadership for Xi’s second five-year term, including the next Politburo Standing Committee, the seven-member body that effectively rules China. The PBSC will be unveiled on October 25. Continue reading


Parked at a military runway in Afghanistan near other aircraft used in the fight against the Taliban, the grey-green helicopter appears unremarkable at first blush.

A second look at the UH-60 Black Hawk reveals a vital distinction: the US Army’s insignia has vanished, replaced by the triangular logo of the Afghan security forces. The fully refurbished chopper arrived at Kandahar Airfield last month, the first of 159 the United States plans to give the Afghans to help turn the war in their favour. Continue reading


Ever since the development of stealth technology for aircraft, many different systems have been advertised as “stealth killing [3].” One of the more innovative solutions is the Russian Struna-1/Barrier-E bistatic radar system developed by NNIIRT, a division of the Almaz-Antey Joint Stock Company. Almaz-Antey is the premier air-defense and radar manufacturer in Russia [4]; they make the Tor, Buk and S-400 anti-aircraft systems, as well as their respective search radars.

The Struna-1 was originally developed in 1999. A further evolution of Struna-1, the Barrier-E system was later showcased for export at MAKS 2007. While it is not part of Almaz-Antey’s online catalog, it was shown alongside other radars at MAKS 2017. The system is rumored to be deployed around Moscow. Continue reading


China’s 8.5-ton Tiangong-1 space station, originally launched in 2011, has seen its orbit rapidly decay and is now expected to hit the Earth in the next few months, the Guardian reported.

Chinese officials told the UN in 2016 they had lost the ability to correct the station’s altitude and expected it to plummet to the ground between October 2017 and April 2018. But Harvard University astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell told the Guardian it now is entering the atmosphere at an even more accelerated timetable. Continue reading


Explosions hit a military check post in Pakistan’s northwest tribal area of Kurram Agency on Sunday, leaving at least four soldiers killed and two others injured, the meida reported.

The explosions were reportedly triggered by about three landmines at the check post in the semi-autonomous Kurram Agency located along Pakistan-Afghanistan border, according to the Dawn. Continue reading


Pakistan Army poses “no threat” to democracy in the country, a top army General said on Friday as he cautioned the political leaders that there could be a danger to the democratic institution if feelings of the people are not met.

Military spokesman Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor also defended Army chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa’s remarks on the economy, saying the “economy and security are interlinked.”“There is no threat to democracy from the Pakistan Army; [but] there could be a threat to democracy if its [democracy’s] requirements are not being met,” Ghafoor said. Continue reading


Accusing Pakistan of taking “tremendous advantage” of the United States over the years, US President Donald Trump today said that the two countries are now “starting to have a real” relationship.President Trump’s remarks came a day after Pakistan secured the release of an American-Canadian family from the clutches of the Haqqani terror network, five years after they were abducted.

“Yesterday, things happened with Pakistan. I have openly said Pakistan took tremendous advantage of our country for many years, but we’re starting to have a real relationship with Pakistan, and they’re to respect us as a nation again, and so are other nations,” Trump said. Continue reading


Israel has its hands full at the moment in Gaza. But Gaza’s rockets aren’t the only thing that keep Israeli strategists up at night. Last week, the nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 were extended into late November. A deal is still a very real possibility. But failure is, too. There’s broad agreement across the Israeli political spectrum that letting Iran get the bomb is an unacceptable risk. Many in the Israeli national-security establishment, particularly around Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have entertained the notion of an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities if diplomacy fails and Iran makes a move toward the bomb.

Iran would surely retaliate. Continue reading


Since independence in 1947, Pakistan has been a frontline state for US dominance of the region. It became clear to the US then that they would need Pakistan’s military and its airspace to monitor Soviet activity.

Pakistan was central to the 1960 U-2 spy plane incident, as Peshawar hosted the US Air Force planes in their forward operating bases against the Soviets. Throughout the 1980s, the CIA used Pakistan’s military to train insurgents to defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan and launch raids into Soviet Central Asia. Continue reading


Contradicting Pakistan Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif of allowing US boots on the Pakistani soil, the Pak Army has categorically declined the proposal saying, “Whatever has to be done on its land is done by Pakistan itself.”

Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif, had recently said in Washington, that Islamabad has offered the ‘US in-sync’ operations against the Haqqani network. Continue reading


Sensitive data about Australia’s F- 35 stealth fighter and P-8 surveillance aircraft programmes were stolen when a defence subcontractor was hacked using a tool widely used by Chinese cyber criminals, officials said today.

The 50-person aerospace engineering firm was compromised in July last year but the national cyber security agency, the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), only became aware of the breach in November, technology website ZDNet Australia reported. Continue reading


China has inducted its much- publicised light battle tank, introduced in Tibet during the height of the Dokalam standoff with India, and for the first time the Army displayed its photo at a military exhibition here, a media report said today.

Developed by the China North Industries Group Corp, the country’s biggest maker of land armaments, the light tank, whose weight ranges from 25 to 35 metric tonnes, is equipped with a hydropneumatic suspension system that ensures good manoeuvrability and survivability in mountainous regions. Continue reading


The world is on the cusp of a dangerous hypersonic missile arms race, but three nations—Russia, China and the United States—have the power to stop it.

That is the main conclusion of a new report released by the Rand Corporation, entitled, “Hypersonic Missile Nonproliferation: Hindering the Spread of a New Class of Weapons [3].” Hypersonic missiles are defined as those traveling at speeds greater than Mach 5. That is, between 3,106 and 15,534 miles per hour or one to five miles per second. To put that in perspective, the report notes that this is six to more than twenty-five times as fast as modern airliners travel. Continue reading

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