The Russian Navy will have a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in its structure, although this will not happen in the immediate future, Navy Commander-in-Chief Nikolai Yevmenov told reporters at the St. Petersburg international maritime defense show on Wednesday.

“There will be, of course, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier but not in the short-term perspective,” the Navy chief said.Russia will be developing the construction of aircraft carriers proceeding from available possibilities, he said. A source in the domestic defense industry earlier told TASS that the Defense Ministry had started work to formulate a technical assignment for a future nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Continue reading


Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday criticised a top US lawmaker’s proposal to merge Myanmar’s restive Rakhine state into her country, saying it was an attempt to “start a fire in the region” and the move was “not acceptable”.On June 13, the proposal was placed in the US Congress for bringing Rakhine state in Myanmar under Bangladesh since millions of Rohingyas fled the Buddhist-majority country and taken refuge in the neighbouring nation.

The proposal was made by Congressman Bradley Sherman, Chairman of the Sub-committee on Asia-Pacific, during a hearing on the State Department`s budget for South Asia.”It is never right to create troubles inside a sovereign country. And the issue they have touched upon is already a burning one. There has not been any peace wherever they have stepped in but instead, it has led to militancy and unrest,” Hasina was quoted by bdnews24 as saying while reacting to the proposal. Continue reading


Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has apparently not been invited by Russia for the Eastern Economic Forum which will happen in the port city of Vladivostok, the Russian Foreign Ministry clarified in a statement. The statement came after Pakistani media reported last week that an invite was extended by Russian President Vladimir Putin to Pakistan Prime Minister during the Shanghai cooperation organization summit in Bishkek last month.

Russian Foreign Ministry in a statement said,”We drew attention to the publications in a number of South Asian media that the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Imran Khan was invited to the events of the Eastern Economic Forum (WEF-5) in Vladivostok (September 4-6, this year) as the guest of honour…”. Continue reading


The U.S. on July 2 designated the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) as a terror organisation. “The BLA is an armed separatist group that targets security forces and civilians, mainly in ethnic Baloch areas of Pakistan,” said the U.S. State Department in a statement.

The BLA, the armed wing of the Baloch movement, has carried out several violent attacks in Pakistan. It has about 6,000 cadre spread across the Balochistan Province and in the bordering areas of Afghanistan. In the seven decades of the Baloch movement, the BLA has survived the longest. It is borne out of the tradition of armed militants who were earlier indirectly supported by the Marri, Bugti, Mengal and other clans or sardars. The Baloch movement was influenced by the Soviet Union and radical Marxist ideology in the past and some of their leaders were trained by Moscow. The BLA continues to draw from the same revolutionary spirit but has added that to the younger generation of fighters. Continue reading


Turkey has reportedly been stockpiling spare parts for its F-16 Viper fighter jets in order to head off possible U.S. sanctions after it takes delivery of Russian-made S-400 air defense systems, which the country’s President Recep Erdogan says is set to happen within days. The purchase has already put Turkey on a path to get kicked out of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program completely and it could potentially impact other U.S.-Turkish defense cooperation in the future.

Bloomberg first reported the parts hoarding, citing two unnamed Turkish officials, on July 1, 2019. At present, Turkey has some 245 F-16C/Ds, which are a mix of Block 30, 40, and 50 variants, making it one of the largest operators of the type anywhere in the world. The effort has also included acquiring additional spares for other unspecified military systems beyond the Vipers. It is unclear what items Turkey has been buying specifically and from what sources, as well as when the shopping spree began, but U.S. government criticism of the S-400 deal has been growing steadily since Turkey first announced it in 2017. Continue reading


The Turkish defence electronics supplier Aselsan reportedly said that the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has 50 ASELPOD targeting pods on order. The PAF ordered its first batch of eight ASELPODs in 2016, with reports of follow-on orders of unknown quantities. In 2018, Aselsan confirmed that it and Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) successfully integrated the ASELPOD to the JF-17 Thunder. This recent news would confirm that the PAF is not only committed to inducting the ASELPOD, but that it will position the JF-17, its mainstay fighter, as a prominent ground attack asset.

Currently, the PAF has equipped the JF-17 to deploy the 60-100 km Range Extension Kit (REK) or Takbir – i.e., a precision-guided bomb (PGB) kit for MK-80-series general purpose bombs (GPB) – and C-802 anti-ship cruising missile (ASCM). A laser-guided bomb (LGB) should follow the integration of the ASELPOD. In March 2019, the PAF also test-fired a new precision-guided munition of an unknown typev. Continue reading


Scores of government employees in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir have staged protests against the discriminatory financial policies of Pakistan. The secretariat workers raised slogans against Islamabad and asked the government immediately to take actions to address the mounting crisis that has left their homes strapped of cash at a time when people are already enduring the blow of the inflation.

“We have been sitting here for the last four days. Our demands have been pending for the last one year. With the suggestion of Chief Secretary, a committee was formed but nothing has been done yet. “Our principal demand is that the secretary workers should also be given allowances which the police and the health officials receive. They have been deprived of it,” said a protestor. Continue reading


China has successfully tested its latest submarine-launched ballistic missile, the JL-3, official media here reported. The scheduled test was normal, China’s Ministry of National Defence said on Thursday, when asked about the alleged test launch of a JL-3 submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) on June 2, state-run Global Times reported.

Asked about reports of shining unidentified flying object (UFO) in the sky cited in many provinces and whether it he can confirm it was related to test launch of JL-3 submarine-launched ballistic missile, Defence Ministry spokesperson Ren Guoqiang said “it is normal for China to conduct scientific research and tests according to plan . Continue reading


Pakistan ‘s parliament on Thursday unanimously passed the Rs 1,152 billion defence budget for the next fiscal (2019-20). Pakistan’s Revenue Minister Hammad Azhar presented the budget on June 11 in which he had declared that the budgetry allocation for the defence sector was kept the same as the last year’s.

But the budget document showed a slight increase of 4.5 per cent by the government. According to the documents, the original allocation for defence for outgoing fiscal (2018-19) was Rs 1,100 billion but it was revised later to Rs 1,137 billion, up by 3.4 percent, by the end of the year.So, the actual rise from previous allocation was Rs 52,201 million or 4.5 per cent. Continue reading


Even as the US has reiterated its reservations about Turkey and India’s purchase of the S-400 missile system, Indian and Pakistani military experts believe that it was the best available air defence system in the world.

They maintained that American alternatives at present were no match to this tested Russian system.Former deputy chief of Indian Air Force (IAF) Kapil Kak and ex-director general of Pakistan’s powerful Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Gen Ehsanul Haq told Anadolu Agency that the US attempts to foist its interests on sovereign countries, would prove counterproductive. Continue reading


Tehran warned Washington Saturday that any attack would see its interests across the Middle East go up in flames after US President Donald Trump said he called off a strike at the 11th hour. The aborted US military action was to have been in response to Iran’s downing of a US reconnaissance drone, which has seen tensions between the two countries soar after a series of attacks on oil tankers the US has blamed on Iran.

“Firing one bullet towards Iran will set fire to the interests of America and its allies” in the region, armed forces general staff spokesman Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi told the Tasnim news agency. “If the enemy — especially America and its allies in the region — make the military mistake of shooting the powder keg on which America’s interests lie, the region will be set on fire,” Shekarchi warned. Continue reading


Pakistan has garner support of at least three member states of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to avoid being pushed into the financial watchdog’s ‘blacklist’ for now.The dark clouds of threat, however, continue to hover over Islamabad.The temporary breather for Islamabad came as a result of its assertive diplomatic effort to garner the support of FATF member countries to counter the looming threat of a ‘blacklist’ push from the existing ‘grey’.

Pakistan has been able to attract the support of Turkey, China, and Malaysia, which has helped Islamabad avoid being placed on the FATF blacklist.The support has ensured temporary relief as it falls under the requirements of the FATF charter, which states that the support of at least three member states is essential to avoid the blacklisting. Continue reading


The Pakistan Army’s strategic intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence, got a new chief this week, Lt General Faiz Hameed, making the world wonder what has he done to deserve the position. Or what will now be the fate of one of the most talked about intelligence agencies in the world.

Lt Gen. Faiz Hameed, the new Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief, has raised eyebrows not due to his appointment but because he replaced Lt Gen. Asim Munir, who was appointed just eight months ago. This creates an impression that Faiz Hameed brings more to his boss’s table than his immediate predecessor. The change has ensured for him the title of being ‘his master’s voice’ and the fact that this will have an impact on the politics inside the organisation for the short to medium term. Continue reading


The U.S. military confirmed on Thursday that one of its drones was shot down but said the incident took place in international airspace, challenging Iran’s account that the U.S. aircraft had been flying over Iranian territory. “Iranian reports that the aircraft was over Iran are false,” said Navy Captain Bill Urban, a spokesman for the U.S. military’s Central Command.

“This was an unprovoked attack on a U.S. surveillance asset in international airspace.” Continue reading


A popular Pakistan broadcast journalist said Monday he had officially complained to police about being assaulted by a government minister, who responded by saying it was “an unfortunate incident”.Sami Ibrahim, an anchor and executive with the private Bol News TV channel, said he was attacked by science and technology minister Fawad Chaudhry at a wedding Friday in Faisalabad.

“He slapped me, used abusive language, and threatened me with dire consequences,” Ibrahim told police in a written complaint seen by AFP. Police in Faisalabad confirmed receiving the complaint. Chaudhry, a former information minister in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s cabinet, told Neo News that Ibrahim had “misbehaved” by previously calling him an “Indian spy”. Continue reading