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A defense analyst has suggested that America’s reservations against India acquiring the Russian air defense system is mainly borne out of the fear that if the S-400 is used to test the stealth capabilities of American fighter jets, India would have access to the data of American jets and that data could be leaked to Russia or other adversaries of the US.

Former squadron leader of the Indian Air Force and an independent defense analyst Vijainder K Thakur confirmed that S-400 systems can be used not only to identify radar tracks belonging to America’s F-35s, but to also possibly determine the configuration of an F-35. Continue reading


Saudi Arabia will be the third “strategic partner” of the $50 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a senior Pakistani Minister announced on Thursday, soon after Prime Minister Imran Khan returned from his first foreign trip to the cash-rich kingdom. The CPEC is the flagship project of the multi-billion dollar Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a pet project of Chinese President Xi Jinping, aimed at enhancing Beijing’s influence around the world through China-funded infrastructure projects.

Addressing a press conference here on Mr. Khan’s two-day visit to Saudi Arabia and UAE, Minister of Information Fawad Chaudhry said Pakistan’s main interest lies in cooperation with Saudi Arabia on matters of trade and security. Continue reading


Pakistani Army is witnessing a generational shift in the anti-India stance that has long been ingrained in the minds of the military in Pakistan. For the young Pakistani Army officers, the growing internal security threats from a plethora of extremist groups in Pakistan are a bigger worry for the country instead of any military threat posed by India.

The finding is part of The Quetta Experience, written by retired US Army colonel David O Smith, who was an alumnus of the Command and Staff College in Quetta. Continue reading


Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told his Israeli counterpart Avigdor Lieberman Tuesday that Moscow may consider measures to respond to the downing of a Russian plane over Syria, as he lay “full” blame on Israel’s air force.
“The full blame for the shot-down Russian plane and death of the crew is on the Israeli side,” Shoigu told Lieberman in a phone call, according to a ministry statement, adding that Russia “reserves the right to future response measures.”

Syria accidentally downed a Russian military aircraft with a crew of 15 onboard when its air defences went into action against an alleged Israeli missile strike, the Russian army said Tuesday. Continue reading

SOURCE: Asia Times

The United States’ top diplomat, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, visited Pakistan this month, along with the chairman the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford. This was the first high-level visit by US officials to the country after the new government in Pakistan assumed office. However, this visit failed to restore normalcy in bilateral relations.

Pakistan-US relations started deteriorating after President Donald Trump assumed office. In a New Year’s tweet, Trump blamed Pakistan for reciprocating $33 billion in US aid with deceit and lies. He threatened to cut down the aid to Pakistan and has made good his claim. Just a few days before Pompeo’s visit, the US announced it would cut $300 million in military aid to Pakistan. Continue reading

SOURCE: The Australian

Australia’s new F-35A strike fighters are subject to “operational control measures” to minimise flights around thunderstorms, the Defence Department says.But the fighters have had modifications to install “effective lightning protection systems”.The fifth generation plane ironically called the Lightning II has been subject to concerns over its vulnerability to a lightning strike which has led to a requirement for more modifications.

Protective systems in the fuel tank had to be modified to prevent a lightning strike potentially causing an explosion.Its complex computer, the Autonomous Logistics Information System, needed improved lightning protection, the US Defense Department’s 2017 operational test and evaluation report stated. Issues were supposedly rectified by modifications, but in early 2017 two F-35As on a promotional tour in Australia were grounded due to stormy weather. Continue reading


Almost three months after Pakistan was placed on the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) grey list for failing to curb terror funding, Pakistan’s recent action against terror financing, particularly on the “legal” front, was found to be “unsatisfactory”, according to a review by the Asia Pacific Policy Group (APPG).

The APPG examines cases of all countries on the grey and black lists and reports to the FATF. Official sources said that a review held on September 11-12 in Jakarta observed that “not much has been achieved by Pakistan, especially on the legal side (like freezing of assets, attachment of funds, militant groups infrastructures etc).” Continue reading


With China’s first indigenously designed aircraft carrier, the as-yet-unnamed Type 001A, set to join the country’s first carrier, the Liaoning, in active service in the coming months, the People’s Liberation Army-Navy is confronting an interesting problem: it doesn’t have enough fighter jets to fill both ships.

The Liaoning can carry 40 aircraft, but operating with a short take-off and arrested recovery system instead of a catapult means that a good portion of its air forces are rotary-wing aircraft — helicopters. It only carries 26 of the PLA-N’s carrier-based Shenyang J-15 fighters. When the Type 001A, now in its second stage of sea trials, begins active patrols in the coming months, it won’t have enough J-15s to form a complete squadron: according to the PLA Daily, the service only has 40 of the jets. Continue reading

SOURCE: The Washington Times

It may be Russia’s most successful military export since the Kalashnikov — at least at driving a wedge between the U.S. and some key allies. The S-400 advanced missile defense system, which has been a linchpin protecting Moscow’s military bases on the battlefields of Syria, is attracting renewed interest from countries such as India and Turkey — pitting Russia against the Trump administration’s drive to boost competing U.S. defense sales.

Since entering the Russian arsenal in 2007, the S-400 Triumph air defense system, which is also known by the NATO moniker SA-21 Growler, has quickly assumed the mantle as Moscow’s premier anti-aircraft missile system. Continue reading


The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor or CPEC is the economic future of Pakistan and its security will never be compromised, Pakistan Army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa said in a meeting with Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing in Rawalpindi.

The statement came amid reports that the newly elected government, led by Imran Khan, is reviewing the deals in the Belt and Road Initiative seeking renegotiation on the trade pact with China. Continue reading


A memorial service was held for Jalaluddin Haqqani, the founder of the terror group, Haqqani network, who died last week.The condolence meeting was held at Darul Uloom Haqqania, Akkora Khattak in Nowshera district of Pakistan on Sunday, and was attended by Haqqani’s close relatives, students and Muslims scholars.

The Dawn quoted sources saying that Darul Uloom Haqqania’s vice chancellor Maulana Samiul Haq had made a request to Haqqani’s relatives to choose a place for offering their prayers in the condolence meeting. The family then decided to conduct the service at the Darul Uloom Haqqania. Continue reading


Banners have been put up in front of the United Nations office in Geneva to highlight the grim issue of enforced disappearances in Pakistan and Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK).The European Organisation for Pakistani Minorities, an NGO, has highlighted the issue during the ongoing 39th session of the UN Human Rights Council.

As per the NGO, a large number of people, mostly political activists and intellectuals, from Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and PoK have been forcefully abducted by the Pakistan Army and intelligence agencies. Many of these activists have been falsely booked under the country’s Anti-Terrorism Act. Continue reading


China and Pakistan have decided to speed up and extend the USD 50 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor towards Afghanistan during Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s recent visit to Islamabad, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

Wang, designated as China’s top diplomat as he is also the State Councillor — a higher rank in the Chinese political hierarchy — visited Pakistan from September 7 to 9 and held talks with the new government headed by cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan. Continue reading


Phosphorous bombs were used by the US air force warplanes to deliver a strike on the settlement of Hajin in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor governorate on September 8, chief of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing Parties Vladimir Savchenko said on Sunday.

“On September 8, 2018, two F-15 warplanes of the US air force delivered airstrikes on the settlement of Hajin with the use of phosphorous bombs. The airstrikes caused heavy fires. Information about casualties and damages is being verified,” he said. Continue reading

SOURCE: Reuters

China is participating for the first time in Australia’s largest maritime exercise as more than 3,000 personnel from 27 countries engage in joint training off the strategic northern port of Darwin.

Exercise Kakadu is hosting 23 ships and submarines from across the Indo-Pacific region, enabling them to establish familiarity which helps to prevent conflict on the high seas and to coordinate disaster relief efforts. Continue reading