The Indian Air Force (IAF) is likely to place an order for 83 Light Combat Aircraft (LAC) Tejas MK IA soon and expects deliveries to commence in three years, Air Chief Marshal R.K.S Bhadauria told ThePrint in an email interview. Bhadauria further said the state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is expected to complete the delivery of 70 Hindustan Turbo Trainer-40 (HTT-40) by 2026. The IAF is also sure HAL will complete the full development of the Light Utility Helicopter (LUH) this year and is already progressing on the procurement of an initial batch of the choppers.

The Air Chief’s statement comes amid a renewed push for the indigenous defence industry by the Narendra Modi government under its ‘Atmanirbhar initiative’ given the economic downturn in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Continue reading


It came as a shock for the Indian intelligence community. Firstly, the body of the lone suicide bomber found at the Sikh gurudwara on March in Kabul was said to be a Malayalee, Muhamed Muhsin. Secondly, the Islamic State-Khorasan Province (ISKP) quickly took responsibility for the suicide attack.

Once the Indian and Afghan intelligence agencies swung into action, it didn’t take long before an entirely different picture emerged. The Taliban keeping a low profile was part of a Pakistani ploy. And a huge question mark also hung over whether Muhsin was the bomber. Then, on May 12, during Ramzan, came the chilling attack on a Medecins Sans Frontieres-run hospital in a Hazara –Shia neighbourhood of Kabul that killed hapless newborns and their mothers. It was also notched up to ISKP, and not the Taliban, which once again denied responsibility. Continue reading


All the terrorist camps and around 15 launch pads in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) “are full”, according to top army commander Lt Gen B S Raju, who anticipates an increase in infiltration attempts from across the border this summer to replenish the diminishing terrorist cadres in Jammu and Kashmir.

In an interview to PTI, Lieutenant General Baggavalli Somashekar Raju asserted that the back of terrorism has been “virtually broken” and that Pakistan is unable to “digest” that Kashmiris are experiencing peace and an improved law and order situation. Lt Gen Raju took over the reins of strategically located XV Corps in Srinagar on March 1. Continue reading


The attack on terror group Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed Salahuddin in Pakistan’s Islamabad has caused panic among the terrorists active in the Kashmir Valley. It may be noted that Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed Salahuddin was left grievously injured after he was attacked by unknown assailants in Islamabad on May 25.

According to sources, the attack on Salahuddin was orchestrated by Pakistan’s spy agency ISI. It is believed that the attack on the Hizbul chief is a result of the widening differences between the ISI and Salauddin. Sources claim that the main aim behind the attack was not to take his life but send a strong message to the Hizbul chief. After the attack, Salahuddin was rushed to a safer place and the Pakistani Army took control of the site of the attack. Continue reading


Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi wrote a letter to the top UN officials, highlighting the Kashmir issue, the Foreign Office said on Saturday. The minister addressed another ‘comprehensive communication’ to the UN Security Council President and the UN Secretary General, apprising them of the latest situation in Kashmir through a letter of 21 May, the FO said.

In his letter, Qureshi has drawn attention towards India’s new domicile rules in Jammu and Kashmir, alleging that it was in clear violation of the UN resolutions, it said. He also conveyed Pakistan’s concern over the alleged ceasefire violations at the Line of Control and the Working Boundary. Continue reading


India and China are holding talks at military and diplomatic levels to resolve the stand-off between the armies of two countries in the Ladakh sector. A few days ago, Pakistan tried to defend its “all-weather friend” China by criticizing the Indian government, however, failing to get the due attention.

‘They are taking on a fight with China’

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, news channels are claiming that the Chinese have entered India as far as 35 kilometres and captured the Indian territory. Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat shared a video clip of a news show in which a columnist and analyst called Dr Shahid Masood claimed that the Chinese have unfurled their flag inside the “captured” Indian territory. He said that he came to know about this “from his sources in the Indian Army.” Continue reading

SOURCE:  Prasar Bharati

Indian Army has said, the contents of a video being circulated on social media on an incident on the borders are not authenticated. It said, the attempt to link it with the situation on the Northern borders is malafide and currently, no violence is happening.

Indian Army strongly condemned attempts to sensationalize issues impacting national security. It requested media not to air visuals that are likely to vitiate the current situation on the borders. Differences are being addressed through interaction between military commanders, guided by established protocols on management of borders between the two countries. Continue reading


Since the Doklam standoff with India in 2017, the Chinese military has expanded its arsenal with weapons like the Type 15 tank, Z-20 helicopter and GJ-2 drone that should give China the advantage in high-altitude conflicts should they arise, Chinese analysts said on Sunday.

China’s Type 15 tank made its public debut at the National Day military parade on October 1 last year. With a powerful engine, the Type 15 lightweight main battle tank can effectively operate in plateau regions difficult for heavier tanks, and with its advanced fire control systems and 105 millimeter caliber armor-piercing main gun, it can outgun any other light armored vehicles at high elevations, the experts told the Global Times on Sunday. Continue reading


What is Xi Jinping up to? While the world is still coping with the pandemic, he has begun a strife on three fronts. He has effectively abrogated the treaty with the United Kingdom wherein China had promised to maintain a special status for Hong Kong under the ‘one country, two systems’ principle. Xi has got the National Assembly of China to agree to his plan. How the UK reacts remains to be seen. He has also, without provocation, called for incorporation of Taiwan back into mainland China after 71 years. Last, and not at all the least, he has hotted up the border war with India.

Why, and why now? The question of Why is relatively easy to answer. All three demands relate to the core programme of Chinese nationalism. Hong Kong was part of China till the British seized it. In 1997, when the time came to give up the long lease on Hong Kong, the British realised that they were now much weaker compared to China than in the past. The UK cannot single-handedly stop Xi from taking over Hong Kong. Continue reading


India will not let its “pride be hurt” in its latest border flareup with China but is determined to settle the dispute through talks between the giant neighbours, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has said.

Singh also said in a television interview late Saturday that India has turned down a mediation offer by US President Donald Trump. Hundreds of Indian and Chinese troops are involved in the latest face-off concentrated in India’s Ladakh region just opposite Tibet. The two countries have several disputes along their 3,500-kilometre (2,175-mile) border. They fought a frontier war in 1962 and there have been regular spats, though no shot has been fired since the 1970s. Continue reading


In a joint operation, Punjab Police and Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) arrested a wanted Khalistani terrorist from Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut on Saturday (May 30). According to police, the Khalistani terrorist identified as Tirath Singh is highly radicalised. Singh is connected with the Khalistan movement on social media and police have recovered posters of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and some other suspected materials from his possession. Further interrogation of Singh is currently underway.

The 32-year-old Khalistani terrorist was arrested after Punjab Police provided information about him to UP ATS. It is learnt that Singh was booked by Mohali poilice under in the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) act in January 2020. Continue reading


The British government has approached the US with the prospect of creating a 5G club of 10 democracies, including India, amid growing security concerns related to Chinese telecom giant Huawei, according to a UK media report. A so-called “D10” club of democratic partners, including G7 countries — UK, US, Italy, Germany, France, Japan and Canada — plus Australia, South Korea and India will aim to create alternative suppliers of 5G equipment and other technologies to avoid relying on China, The Times reported.

The move to speed up such a club comes as the UK launched an inquiry into Huawei’s involvement in the country’s mobile network upgrade in the wake of US sanctions against the company. Continue reading


AS President Donald Trump has postponed the G7 Summit till September and expressed his desire to expand the “outdated” bloc to G10 or G11, including India and three other nations to the grouping of the world’s top economies. Trump has been over the weeks suggesting that there is “no greater example” of reopening amid the Covid-19 pandemic than holding an in-person G7 summit in America by the end of June.

The President, in an interaction with reporters travelling with him aboard the Air Force One from Florida to Washington DC on Saturday, said that he is postponing it (the summit) until September and plans to invite Russia, South Korea, Australia and India. Continue reading


The latest Video probably shot in early May shows, Indian Army and Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBPF) personals damaging PLA’s Dongfeng 4×4 Light Tactical Vehicle and holding one of the regular PLA personal to the ground. In the video, Indian forces can be heard saying ” Beat them ” in Hindi and Dongfeng CSK131 which comes equipped with digital map software, and Beidou satellite communication and positioning system were seen being damaged by the Indian forces.

Contrary to some reports in Indian media that, which claim they that Chinese PLA Troops are sitting 3km inside the Indian side of the LAC, Latest Satellite images acquired by the Multiple OSINT Community does confirm that PLA Troops are sitting near LAC on their side and not on the Indian side. Continue reading


The Indian MoD has approved the procurement of the Infantry Combat Vehicle (BMP-2/Sarath) manufactured by the state-owned Ordnance Factory Medak (OFMK) which is Indian license-produced variant of the BMP-2 developed by the Soviet Union.

BMP-2 Sarath is a second generation, amphibious infantry fighting vehicle introduced in the 1980s in the Soviet Union and license-produced in India from 1987 by OFMK. BMP-2 is still active with more than 30 operator countries and since 1987, OFMK has manufactured over 1250 BMP-2 for the Indian Army in various variants. Continue reading

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