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In a rare reaction to media reports, Defence Ministry has issued clarifications and has said that reports of India being forced to procure American F-16s to get a CAATSA sanction waiver from the United States of America are completely incorrect.

Recent media reports had said that Washington has been pressuring India to procure 114 units of F-16 which New Delhi has been reluctant to procure due to over 30 years service of the same aircraft with arch-rival Pakistan and the same aircraft failed to clear technical trials of previous MMRCA tender raising doubts about aircraft capabilities. Continue reading



India summoned a senior official of the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi today and lodged a strong protest over the loss of lives of three of its soldiers during an infiltration bid by Pakistani terrorists in the Sunderbani sector of Jammu and Kashmir two days ago.

The Ministry of External Affairs or MEA, in a statement, said it also condemned in the strongest terms such a provocative action by Pakistan, which revealed Islamabad’s complicity in aiding and abetting terrorism and exposed the hollowness of its deceitful claims of promoting a constructive engagement with India and desire for peace. Continue reading

SOURCE: The Statesman

The recent visit by President Vladimir Putin to India was possibly more successful than the much touted 2+2 dialogue, which had just preceded it. While the 2+2 would always have the signing of the COMCASA as its highlight, opening doors for procuring restricted equipment as also enabling India to obtain real time maritime information, the IndoRussian summit would overshadow it.

The signing of multiple defence agreements with Russia including the much questioned and debated S-400 anti-aircraft missile defence system, despite threats of sanctions by the US, conveyed India’s strategic autonomy in international relations. This approach assumes importance as the changing geo-strategic environment in South and South East Asia, coupled with rising India-China rivalry in multiple fields, adds to India’s challenges. Continue reading


Pakistan will launch an aggressive campaign against India to highlight its concerns over the 1960 Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) after New Delhi failed to let Pakistani officials visit two hydropower projects in Jammu and Kashmir, a media report said Tuesday.

Pakistan’s Commissioner on Permanent Indus Water Commission Syed Mehr Ali Shah said the Indian water commissioner had promised on the conclusion of the August 29-30 annual meeting to arrange a visit to the 1,000MW Pakal Dul and 48MW Lower Kalnai in Jammu and Kashmir in the last week of September. Continue reading


Bangalore based SASMOS HET Technologies Limited, a leading manufacturer of wiring harness, electro-mechanical assemblies and unit integration products delivered for the US aerospace giant Boeing Company’s the 1000th F/A-18 Super Hornet electrical panel assembly, on schedule.

This marks a significant milestone in the `Make in India’ initiative and underscores the importance of Indian manufacturers in building the future of aerospace and defense globally. The company has progressed from being a start-up organization to a preferred partner by OEM’s in the industry and created the benchmark in the Harness manufacturing industries in India. Continue reading


Salty water just below the surface of Mars could hold enough oxygen to support the kind of microbial life that emerged and flourished on Earth billions of years ago, researchers reported Monday. In some locations, the amount of oxygen available could even keep alive a primitive, multicellular animal such as a sponge, they reported in the journal Nature Geosciences.

“We discovered that brines” – water with high concentrations of salt – “on Mars can contain enough oxygen for microbes to breathe,” said lead author Vlada Stamenkovic, a theoretical physicist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. “This fully revolutionises our understanding of the potential for life on Mars, today and in the past,” he told AFP. Continue reading


An Indian Army bomb disposal team has successfully extracted and destroyed 555 unexploded bombs that were buried underground for the past 14 years here, a spokesperson said on Tuesday.

The task of safe extraction and final disposal of the explosives was undertaken by the Counter Explosive Device Unit of Headquarters Central Command, Lucknow after a request was made by the civil administration. It began on October 12 and was successfully completed on October 21 near the banks of Feeka river near Hajiro village in Udham Singh Nagar district where the unexploded bombs were destroyed, the spokesperson said. Continue reading

SOURCE: Bangalore Mirror

Ten days after a newly designed Aero India 2019 website was launched for registration of exhibitors and visitors, about 66 exhibitors have registered to participate in the show which will be held at Yelahanka Air Force Stationfrom February 20 to 24.

Of the 66 exhibitors who have registered, 49 are Indian companies and 18 are from abroad. Airbus from France, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Limited from Israel, SAAB AB from Sweden, Boeing from the US are among major international defence and aerospace exhibitors.Companies from the UK, Italy, Belgium and Ukraine have also registered to participate as exhibitors in the air show. Organisers said that they expect close to 500 Indian and foreign companies to participate in the show. Continue reading


India and the UK will jointly celebrate the 100th year of the end of the World War I and commemorate the participation of Indian soldiers in it at the national capital next month. The event will happen around the time of the inauguration of a memorial in France for Indian troops who fought in the western front during first World War.

In light of little information on the deeds and heroics of the Indian soldiers during the two world wars and to ensure that they are not forgotten, India has also planned guided “battlefield tours” for tourists and military personnel at sites where these soldiers had fought, such as France and Belgium. Such guided tours will also be for historic battlefield sites in India such as one in Kohima and the 1857 mutiny site in Meerut.  Continue reading


The sale of Russian S-400 missile system to India has rattled several feathers and punctured Pakistani Military self-believe that they have thwarted and in fact actually derailed India’s Cold Start Doctrine successfully which will allow them to carry on their old strategy of bleeding India will thousand cuts instead of actually fighting a conventional war which they know they can never win.

Pakistani strategic experts are fast to claim that their Ababeel Missile System which possesses untested ‘Mirv’ capability will not only defeat the S-400 system but also overwhelm India’s anti-ballistic missile systems thus acting as a system which will derail any pre-emption tendencies among Indian military planners. Continue reading

SOURCE: Hindustan Times

“Let me be clear that we cannot fight the next war like we fought our last,” said General Bipin Rawat in an exclusive interview, explaining the significance of the biggest exercise in independent India’s history to restructure the army and why it tops his priorities as army chief. The mammoth drill, based on four comprehensive studies led by the army’s topmost generals, will change the complexion and direction of the 1.2 million- strong force and transform it into a deadlier fighting machine fully prepared for future wars, Rawat added.

So what’s on the menu? Continue reading

SOURCE:  Haaretz Newspaper

Vladimir Putin knows how to pack a punch. The combatant Russian president, an avid judoka, applies the martial art’s two principles to diplomacy. One: move rapidly. Two: use the weight and strength of the opponent to your advantage rather than combating them directly.

In a deft move, Putin closed a $5.4 billion arms deal with India, selling the Russian S-400 Triumf surface-to-air missile defense systems at the beginning of October.India, bordered by Pakistan’s 20 fighter squadrons, and China’s 1,700 fighter planes, must “match the force level of our adversaries,” the head of India’s Air Force has declared. Continue reading


Even as Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan focuses almost singularly on “India solving the Kashmir problem”, terror outfits in his country are planning suicide attacks on Indian armed forces and security installations.Almost 100 Fidayeens (suicide attackers) took an oath to wage war against Indian armed forces in two programmes arranged in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) on October 19 and 20.

The functions were organised by Pakistan-backed banned terror outfit, Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), in its ‘Shohdai Kashmir’ conference (Kashmir martyrs’) in PoK in Kotli and Rawlakot on Friday and Saturday. The Fidayeens, in these two gatherings, swore to attack the Indian Army and its security installations in the coming days. Continue reading

SOURCE: Reuters

Japan hopes to clinch a military logistics pact with India that will allow access to each other’s bases, Tokyo’s envoy said on Monday, in a tightening of security ties seen as designed to balance China’s growing weight in the region. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be visiting Japan this weekend for an annual summit with his counterpart Shinzo Abe, and the proposed Acquisition and Cross Servicing Agreement between the two militaries is on the agenda.

Under Modi and Abe, bilateral relations have rapidly expanded and the two countries conduct three-way naval exercises involving the United States in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. Continue reading

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