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NewSpace Research and Technologies (NRT), a Bengaluru-based company, has sent ripples through the defence industry by hinting at two significant additions to its swarming platform portfolio. While details remain scarce, NRT’s unveiling of Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) and Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) integrations with their MOSAIC intelligence suite suggests a bold step towards more comprehensive unmanned warfare solutions.

NRT’s MOSAIC suite has garnered considerable attention for its ability to orchestrate swarming tactics in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This technology empowers UAVs to collaborate in decentralized fused teaming missions, making them highly adaptable and effective.

The new development indicates that NRT is extending the capabilities of MOSAIC beyond the skies. By incorporating UGVs and USVs into the swarm, NRT envisions a more comprehensive battlefield presence. These unmanned ground and surface platforms, equipped with MOSAIC’s intelligence, could seamlessly collaborate with existing aerial swarms for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions as well as offensive operations.

While NRT has offered glimpses of these new UGV and USV platforms, specific details remain under wraps. This secrecy surrounding the technical specifications and functionalities only adds to the intrigue surrounding these potential game-changers.

The inclusion of UGVs and USVs into NRT’s swarming ecosystem aligns perfectly with the growing prominence of unmanned platforms in modern warfare. These autonomous vehicles offer several advantages, including reduced risk to human life, enhanced operational reach, and the ability to perform tasks in hazardous environments.

NRT’s strategic move positions them at the forefront of developing next-generation swarming technologies. The potential for seamlessly integrated air, ground, and surface swarms equipped with MOSAIC’s intelligence presents a future where warfare is revolutionized by coordinated and adaptable unmanned systems.

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