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SOURCE:   Indrajit Majumdar / FOR MY TAKE / IDRW.ORG

It’s been more than 30 years now from when India truly started perusing its DEW dreams especially in Laser technology. It was Laser Science and Technology Centre (LASTEC), the key institution on whose shoulder it was putting its trust for its dreams to become real. Since then LASTEC developed and tested several types and classes of Laser sources, Lasing mediums, associated technologies for each types and classes, several types of laser applications etc. etc.
LAB in the Centre Stage:
Yes the LASTEC it was, the central lab responsible for all the actions on that field. And there are reasons that why LASTEC and why not others. The question is valid because peoples may think that when the LASTEC stands for Laser Science and Technology Centre, it’s obvious that it will be given the work because it was meant for the type of work.

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When I say Tank MRO and not trucks at Vehicle Factory Jabalpur, I say this bcoz that is what sound common sense application should be as it saves the governments hundreds of crores of tax payers money as well as boost defense preparedness. If you ask how and why? Common sense says it’s a bad idea to assemble various models of Ashok Leyland Stallion trucks at Vehicle Factory Jabalpur. Here are the below points:-

What does Vehicle Factory Jabalpur do?
Apart from other types of vehicles, the plant mainly assembles Ashok Leyland Stallion trucks for the armed forces that are manufactured in Ashok Leyland’s own plant, then dis-assembled into CKD/SKD kits; packaged and transported to Vehicle Factory Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh where again they are unpacked and re-assembled once again. Continue reading


As India prepares to receive 10 ASEAN leaders for the Republic Day celebrations, an intelligence alert that the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, is on the radar of the Islamic State is giving security agencies sleepless nights.

According to sources, Duterte’s agenda to militarily wipe out Islamist extremism from the state of Mindanao—along with killing Isnilon Hapilon, leader of Abu Sayyaf and emir of the IS in Southeast Asia in the city of Marawi—has provoked the group to mobilise sleeper cells based in Indonesia, which are now planning a strike. Continue reading

SOURCE: The Telegraph

A picture may be worth a thousand words but need not always tell the full story. A set of photographs featuring a group of distinguished-looking ladies and gentlemen has become the latest source of a ferocious debate on the relations between India and Bangladesh.

One picture shows former Indian President Mukherjee with several renowned Bangladeshis and the Indian high commissioner in Dhaka. The catch: Mukherjee, who was in Dhaka on a personal visit, is seated in a chair while the others are standing behind him. Continue reading


The National Investigation Agency (NIA), has picked up evidence in Punjab that indicates that Pakistan’s spy agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), is highly active to link pro-Khalistani groups in Punjab and abroad with J&K terrorists “to make it a two-state terror theatre”.

With the help of Punjab police, the NIA has reached the conclusion that the ISI once again wants to revive militancy in the state. The NIA is in the process of approaching the Interpol to corroborate the evidence that the ISI is involved in the targeted killings of Hindu leaders in Punjab during the past two years. The Moga police recently interrogated some Sikh hardliners and gangsters and learnt that huge funds were being routed from Pakistan to radicals in Canada, US, UK, Italy, France, Germany, the UAE and some other countries, and from there diverted to India through hawala channels. Continue reading


The Naga Hoho, an apex Naga tribal body, on Sunday objected to the holding of elections in Nagaland next month before the insurgency issue in the state was resolved and indicated that it may ask political parties to boycott the polls.

A delegation of the Naga Hoho, which has been camping in the national capital for the last few days, met several central leaders, including home minister Rajnath Singh and voiced their opposition to the polls before a peace pact between the Centre and the Naga rebel group NSCN-IM. Continue reading


Some initial tests on a compact power system which was designed to sustain a long-duration National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) human mission on Mars have been successful.The tests were conducted in the US state of Nevada and a full-power run is scheduled for March according to the officials.

Sizeable details of the development of the nuclear fission system under NASA’s Kilopower project were shared by NASA and the US Department of Energy official at a LAS Vegas news conference. Continue reading

SOURCE: Asia Times

One use of the S-400 long-range missile is against stand-off systems including flying command posts and aircraft such as the E-3 Sentry AWACS. These aircraft, which are used by the US and its NATO allies with a squadron stationed in Japan at Kadena AFB and in the UAE at al-Dhafra, are vulnerable to S-400 interceptors and lose their stand-off range protection. We may be reaching the end of the AWACS capability, which were originally designed in the 1960s.

Saudi Arabia’s agreement to purchase the S-400 anti-aircraft Triumf anti-missile system from Russia is a major blow to the United States and its European allies. Continue reading


One year after the mercurial and unpredictable Donald Trump assumed office as the 45th President of the USA (POTUS) and his many outbursts and acerbic comments about the big powers (China, Russia, EU) and global leaders over the last 12 months,  the one major bi-lateral that has been relatively stable and rancor-free is that of the US with India.

At a personal level, the US President has a productive working relationship with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and while their friendship is yet to reach the ‘my friend Donald’ level – it is evident that the nature of their cordial engagement has worked  largely in India’s favor. Continue reading


Self-serving politics threaten not only to strain Pakistan’s relations with the United States, but heighten tensions in the geostrategic region of Balochistan, a vital node in Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative that has been earmarked as home for China’s second foreign military base.

Pakistan’s short-sighted political battles are being fought at a time of worsening relations with the US over alleged Pakistani support of militants and concern that the US may withdraw from the 2015 international nuclear agreement with Iran. This potentially creates a dilemma for China, which is heavily invested in Pakistan with more than US$50 billion committed to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a collection of infrastructure projects. Continue reading

SOURCE: Asian Tribune

Of late Kathmandu is abuzz rife with reports that the Eminent Persons Group, EPG, has agreed to review the 1950 Treaty of Peace and Friendship between India and Nepal. It has representatives from both countries. Set up in January 2016, the EPG term ends this July; its mandate is a review of the whole gamut of bilateral relations, including the 1950 Treaty. The group held its sixth meeting in New Delhi on the 13th of this month; they are likely submitting their recommendations after holding their seventh meeting in Kathmandu next month.

The hue and cry against the 1950 Treaty in Nepal is nearly three decades old, Communists and Maoists have exploited it from time to time to arouse public sentiment against India; they have even won elections on anti-Treaty rhetoric. Continue reading


When it comes to foreign policy, India does not rely on a zero-sum game strategy. We trade arms with the Russians and sign defense agreements with the Americans. In 2016, we were officially recognized as a Major Defense Partner of the United States; less than a year later, we negotiated a $10 billion weapons deal with Russia.

We also buy oil from both Iran and Saudi Arabia. In fact, Saudi Arabia is our second largest supplier of crude oil and Iran our third: Behind Iraq, who in 2017, surprisingly jumped to first place. Continue reading


The Chhatttigarh’s Bastar police, which is already fighting the Naxal menace, has now taken up the task of also providing information about the tourist destinations in the region to visitors.

The aim is to create a positive perception about Bastar in the country and across the globe.As a part of the ‘tourism policing’ concept, the security personnel will provide the required information and other assistance to the tourists via the help desks to be set at the tourist places. But, the policemen will not act as tourist guides, a senior official said. Continue reading


Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Sunday appealed to India and Pakistan to make Jammu and Kashmir a “bridge of friendship” between them and not let it become a battleground.”Our borders are witnessing, god forbid, a bloodbath. Our Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) often talks of development but at the same time something opposite is happening in our state. Our schools are shut and children are trapped inside their homes,” the chief minister said.

“I appeal to our prime minister and our neighbour Pakistan to make J&K a bridge of friendship between the two countries and not let it become a battleground,” Mehbooba said. Continue reading


Indian-American Vivek Lall who joined Lockheed Martin as vice- president of strategy and business development recently in his interview with Press Trust of India (PTI) made contrary statements on Lockheed Martin’s proposal for sale of F-16 while bringing in a push for sale of F-35 to India leading to high level of confusion.

Lall said Lockheed is keen on offering Customised F-35 to India, while his later part of Interview he was clearly talking about F-16 proposal to manufacture 114 with Tata Group in India to meet Indian Air Force’s Single Engine Fighter (SEF) Tender. Continue reading

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