Lockheed Martin concept of a sixth generation fighter.

Russia, UK-Italy, Germany-France, United States and even China have publically announced their intention to pursue development of new stealth fighter jets which are so advanced that they all will be categorized as 6th Generation fighter aircraft in a way completely redefining combat air sector for next two to three decades to come.

Taking best from the 5th generation aircraft technology, the concept of 6th Generation fighter revolves around additional capabilities which are certainly missing in a 5th generation aircrafts. features of 6th Generation concept are yet to be defined but aircraft will incorporate stealth directly into the designs of aircraft, will carry weapons internally and have a reduced radar signature. Continue reading


Hours after Congress president Rahul Gandhi claimed that he had met French President and talked about the secrecy clause in the Rafale fighters deal, France on Friday asserted that the security agreement of 2008 in this regard legally binds the two nations to protect classified information.

Refuting Rahul’s claim, France added that the provisions of this agreement is also applicable to the Inter Governmental Agreement on 36 Rafale aircrafts, the negotiations for which concluded in September 2016. Continue reading


Goa Shipyard Ltd with help of Alliance Engineers based in Thane has developed successfully Helicopter Landing Grid which is usually used for Helicopter operations from ships at sea.

Indigenised Helicopter Landing Grid which was imported from abroad till now will lead to savings of $ 1.43 Million of foreign exchange on each assembles. Goa Shipyard Ltd developed Helicopter Landing Grid are compatible with most of the helicopters operated by the Indian Navy such as Sea king, ALH, etc. Continue reading


Rajeev Dhawan, a lawyer of one of the Muslim parties on Friday observed that “Hindus acted like Taliban” on December 6, 1992, when Babri Masjid was demolished in Ayodhya.His statement comes during the hearing of the Ayodhya case in the Supreme Court.

“Hindus acted like Taliban on that day. Whatever happened on December 6 was an act of terrorism,” he said.Earlier, Dhawan had courted controversy by comparing the destruction of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya to the destruction of Buddha statue at Bamiyan, Afghanistan, and told the apex court that “Hindu Taliban” had destroyed the Babri Masjid. Continue reading


India and the United States are looking to strengthen their defence industrial collaboration by formalising procedures for collaboration and facilitating transfers of technologies. As part of Indo-US Bilateral Defence Cooperation, the two countries held the 7th Defence Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI) meeting this week in Washington.

“Discussions on the formulation of a Standard Operating Procedure and the Industrial Security Annex to take forward projects under DTTI are proceeding as planned,” said a Ministry of Defence statement. Continue reading


In an unprecedented move, India’s top spy satellites maker Dr Tapan K Misra was summarily sacked yesterday from his position as Director of ISRO Space Applications Center in Ahmedabad, the lab where such satellites are fabricated.

Dr Misra is well known the world over for his role in making the Radarsat series of satellites that give India critical day-and-night oversight capabilities over its hostile neighbours – even when there is thick cloud cover. Dr Misra was the architect of India’s spy satellite RISAT 1, which died in orbit under mysterious circumstances due to an implosion that was reported and noticed first by NASA and not by ISRO. Continue reading


The upcoming general elections in Pakistan are witnessing a nexus between security agencies and candidates, who have been fielded by banned religious and extremist outfits.Allah-o-Akbar Tehreek’s (AAT) candidate Hafiz Khalid Waleed is a case in point. Waleed is the son-in-law of the United Nations-designated terrorist, Hafiz Mohammad Saeed.

Journalist Nasir Jamal indicates in The Dawn how some operatives of Milli Muslim League (MML), the political party launched by the banned Jamat-ud-Dawa, have access to the voter list and how they have printed the slips to help voters find their polling stations. Continue reading


Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday raised the controversial Rafale deal in Parliament while accusing Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman of lying to the nation quoting the ‘secrecy clause’ in the pact.

“Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman earlier said that she will tell the country about the cost. However, later she said it’s a secrecy pact between both the countries (India and France). I asked the French President about this secrecy pact, but he denied the existence of any such pact. He even told me that he has no issues in making the cost public,” Gandhi said in the Lok Sabha during the debate on the No-Confidence Motion. Continue reading


Image result for International Army games

An Indian Army team has reached Moscow to participate in the International Army games scheduled from July 28 to August 11. India is participating in two competitions including the Tank Biathlon and Elbrus Ring — which is mountain warfare combat patrol competition in the vicinity of Elbrus Mountain — both happening in Russia, an Army source said on Thursday.

“The first of the Indian teams taking part in the tank biathlon has reached Moscow and will commence familiarisation from Friday,” the source stated. Continue reading


Drones for civilian purposes are likely to start flying in India from October onwards, a senior official said, as the Civil Aviation Ministry expects to soon put in place the regulatory framework for unmanned aerial vehicles.

The use of drones by civilians is currently restricted by aviation regulator DGCA.Civil Aviation Secretary R N Choubey said the ministry is working on putting in place a system wherein registration and flying permission for civilian drones are done online. Continue reading



Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharama rebutted the charge leveled by Congress president Rahul Gandhi about Rafale aircraft deal between India and France. Sitharaman said that Rahul Gandhi was “wrong” about his claim with regard to secrecy clause in the Rafale deal. Quoting from an interview of French President Emmanuel Macron to India Today, Nirmala Sitharaman said that the French government’s position about secrecy deal contradicts Rahul Gandhi’s claim.

Nirmala Sitharaman said that the secrecy clause of the Rafale deal that she had referred to in the past for not disclosing the details of the agreement was signed during UPA-I regime. Continue reading



Pakistan Navy received its first ever ATR-72 Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) in the second quarter of 2018, revealed a German subcontractor Aerodata AG.

Aerodata AG revealed this in an official news release, stating that the contract was initially signed back in 2015 to convert two ATR-72 aircraft to Maritime Patrol Aircraft. According to the subcontractor, the work on the project started in January 2016 after the government gave an official export approval. Continue reading


Left without minesweepers due to a delayed procurement, the Indian Navy has started its 2JA mine countermeasures exercise with US and Japan using only Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) units. The exercise began on Wednesday near Ominato in Japan. The annual exercise is meant to improve interoperability and develop proficiencies in mine countermeasures operations amongst regional allies and partners.

“The mine countermeasure mission is hugely important to both military and civilian shipping from all nations in the Indo-Pacific region and keeping waterways clear of mine threats is fundamental to national security and the free flow of trade,” Rear Admiral Brad Cooper, commander of the US Amphibious Force 7th Fleet, said in a statement. Continue reading


Friends of Kulbhushan Jadhav” Kulbhushan Jadhav, the naval officer who was sentenced to death by a Pakistani military court on charges of espionage and terrorism, slammed Islamabad after it said its case against Jadhav in International Court of Justice (ICJ) is “very strong”.

Speaking to ANI, Arvind Singh, Jadhav’s friend was of the view that this statement by the Pakistan government is a clear tactic in order to win the hearts of the people ahead of inching general elections.
He also stated that Indian representative will put forth all its point directly in the ICJ during the next hearing. Continue reading


District Reserve Guard (DRG) and Special Task Force (STF) returned to Bijapur with bodies of eight Naxals, who were killed by the forces in forests of Timinar and Pusnar during Anti-Naxal operation, along Dantewada-Bijapur border area earlier today.

Eight Naxals, including four female, were gunned down by the security forces in an encounter in Chhattisgarh Bijapur district on Thursday. The operational teams from Dantewada district also recovered two INSAS rifle, two .303 rifle, one 12 bore rifle and few other muzzle-loading weapons from their possession, confirmed P Sundar Raj, DIG Anti Naxal Operations. Continue reading

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