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DRDO is gearing up for Post monsoons trails of Astra missiles . Astra MK-1 has been successfully test fired thrice from India’s Frontline Fighter aircraft Sukhoi-30 mki , and each time it was able to perform set parameters and achieve mission profile. in last test missile was able to Intercept an electronic projected target at a longer range. Continue reading


The battle for energy resources in South China Sea and Indian Ocean is persuading India and China to develop their naval arsenals that have a prominent nuclear dimension.

Focused on preserving its “strategic autonomy,” India is validating its nuclear deterrent, riding on some of the recent technological advancements of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), the premier body, which is steering the effort to establish an atomic deterrent. Continue reading


The Indian Air Force (IAF) has exercised its options for a further six Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules transport aircraft under a USD564.7 million contract modification announced by the US Department of Defense (DoD) on 18 July.

The deal includes field service representatives and three years of post-delivery support after the first aircraft delivery, and is set to run to 30 April 2020. Once delivered, these new aircraft will be based at Panagargh in eastern India, the proposed headquarters of the Indian Army’s new XVII Mountain Strike Corps. Continue reading


The Indian Army has completed trials for two 155 mm/52 calibre howitzer systems and is preparing a report for the Ministry of Defence.

Official sources said two competing 155 mm/52 cal towed gun systems and two 155 mm/52 cal self-propelled tracked howitzers recently completed maintainability acceptance trials and secured Directorate General of Quality Assurance clearance. Continue reading




On July 12tht the Indian Navy received the first (INS Kamorta) of three Indian made corvettes. These are the first locally built modern surface warships for India. The Kamorta’s are 3,100 ton ships that are 109 meters (355 feet) long and have a top speed of 59 kilometers an hour. They are optimized for anti-submarine warfare and are armed with a 76.2mm gun, two 30mm multi-barrel anti-missile autocannon, two multi (12) barrel 212mm anti-submarine rocket launchers, 16 Barak anti-missile/aircraft missiles and six torpedo tubes. It has a hull mounted sonar and carries a helicopter that can be armed with four anti-submarine torpedoes. The ship has stealthy features (small radar signature and more difficult for submarine sonar to detect as well.) The INS Kamorta is to enter service in August. Continue reading


Warships from India, Japan and the U.S. will participate in joint exercises in the Pacific Ocean near Japan starting Thursday—a sign of greater maritime cooperation among nations in Asia as they face a more assertive China.

Ties between New Delhi and Tokyo have strengthened as geopolitical tensions in the region have mounted, and Japan was invited in January to join the so-called Malabar exercise, an annual event that has been primarily a bilateral U.S.-Indian operation. Continue reading


On the eve of the Supreme Court decision whether India’s first aircraft carrier ‘INS Vikrant’ should be scrapped, former servicemen made a strong pitch for converting it into a maritime museum.

The Maharashtra government has expressed its inability to preserve it as a maritime museum owing to financial constraints. The 16,000-tonne ship, which had helped to enforce a naval blockade of East Pakistan — now Bangladesh — during the 1971 war, was decommissioned in 1997. Continue reading


In a barely noticed event, forty bishops, scholars and activists had gathered in the Catholic University of Notre Dame in end-April to explore how the world could eliminate nuclear weapons. University President Rev Jenkins cited Pope John XIII’s message after the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) that “nuclear weapons are morally tolerable only for the purpose of nuclear deterrence, and even then, only as a step on the way toward progressive disarmament.” Continue reading


Despite the defence ministry having frozen all contracts with Rolls-Royce (RR) following a bribery scandal in March, orders continue to flow in from the Indian Air Force and navy that operate aircrafts powered by RR engines.

South Block sources told HT that orders were being placed with the British engineering giant for supplying spare parts for engines after assessing urgency on a case-by-case basis. Continue reading


Defence giant Lockheed Martin – the prime contractor on the controversial F35 Joint Strike Fighter which failed to make its international debut at Farnborough airshow – has reported a drop in first-half sales.The US-based company said revenues in the six months to June 29 slipped back by $522m (£306m) to $21.96bn, but net profits rose 12pc to $1.82bn, helped by a change in pension accounting. Continue reading


The army is finding it hard to prevent suicides, despite taking a host of measures to ensure that soldiers do not kill themselves on active duty.

Suicide rates may not have hit astronomical levels in recent years, but it hasn’t dropped either. The force has recorded an average of 100 suicides annually since 2002 — with most being reported in forward areas. Continue reading


The shortfall of army officers has come down in the last five years. This year, the shortfall was at 17.77 percent compared to 26 percent in 2010, Defence Minister Arun Jaitley told Parliament Tuesday. In a written reply to the Rajya Sabha, Jaitley said that while shortage of officers in the army was 8,455 as of Jan 1 this year, in other ranks it was a “nominal shortfall” of 16,597 (1.44 percent) as of April 1.

He said various measures have been taken to reduce shortages in the officers cadre.  Continue reading


Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan Dr T. C. A. Raghavan Tuesday said that Pakistan and India must honour mutually undersigned accords, Samaa reported.

“Given the circumstances, there is no pertinence of United Nations Military Observers for India (UNMOGIP) and Pakistan as both the countries should monitor the Line of Control (LoC) by themselves”, Indian High Commissioner said while talking to newsmen here at an Iftar dinner hosted by him. Continue reading

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