Actor Varun Tej is setting the record straight about his upcoming film “Operation Valentine,” assuring audiences it won’t be jingoistic like Hrithik Roshan’s “Fighter.” Both movies tackle sensitive themes related to the Indian Air Force, but Tej emphasizes distinct approaches.

“Operation Valentine,” releasing on March 1st, 2024, draws inspiration from the real-life Pulwama attack of 2019. However, Tej clarifies, “Our idea was to take a very realistic approach. It’s not just about the war situation; it’s about the pilots, their families, what they go through, and their mental state.”

He contrasts this with “Fighter,” perceived as having a more nationalistic tone. “We haven’t shown any country in bad light,” Tej asserts. “The focus is on the human cost of war and the impact on the lives of soldiers and their families.”

This emphasis on personal stories within the larger conflict sets “Operation Valentine” apart. While both films explore the sacrifices of the Indian Air Force, Tej’s project promises a nuanced portrayal that delves into the emotional journeys of those directly affected.

It’s important to note that “Fighter” is still under production, and its final portrayal of the conflict remains unseen. However, Tej’s comments highlight the diverse ways filmmakers can approach sensitive topics like war, with some leaning towards action-packed hero narratives and others prioritizing individual experiences.

Ultimately, audiences will decide which film resonates more deeply when “Operation Valentine” releases on March 1st. But Tej’s assurance of a sensitive and human-centric approach offers a unique perspective on a crucial chapter in Indian history.