SkyDrive Inc., a leading Japanese manufacturer of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, today announced it received additional funding from Suzuki Motor Corporation through a new share allotment. This investment will accelerate the development and production of SkyDrive’s innovative flying vehicles.

The collaboration brings together SkyDrive’s expertise in developing eVTOL technology with Suzuki’s extensive manufacturing prowess. This strategic partnership is expected to significantly advance SkyDrive’s commercialization goals and pave the way for broader adoption of eVTOL solutions.

Further strengthening the partnership, SkyDrive and Suzuki showcased their joint commitment to the future of mobility at the Global Trade Show held during the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024 in India. SkyDrive exhibited a 1/5 scale model of its flagship eVTOL aircraft, the SKYDRIVE (SD-05), at Maruti-Suzuki India Limited’s booth.

Leveraging the agreement with Suzuki, SkyDrive will actively explore and expand its business development in the Indian market. This move recognizes the immense potential of eVTOL technology to revolutionize transportation within the vast and diverse Indian landscape.