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US administration is considering clearing the Transfer of Technology (ToT) for the Canadian-American eight-wheeled armoured fighting vehicle known as Stryker to India which will not only allow India to manufacture it locally but also allow India to incorporate some of the technology of the armoured fighting vehicle in its own Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) that are in development.

While it is not clear if Indian Army is keen to purchase locally manufactured Striker APCs as a whole or wants Striker APC tech incorporated into locally made APCs that are still under development.

Striker Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) with a capacity of up to 9 soldiers and a machine gun or a 30 mm cannon on top can be developed into several different configurations. Stryker weighs around 16.5 tonnes, while the MGS version that is equipped with a 105 mm M1128 Gun weighs around 19 tonnes.

Stryker can also be adapted to serve as a command vehicle, 120 mm mortar platform and several other weapon systems. The infantry carrier vehicle Stryker can host up to 9 passengers and usually requires a crew of 2 people.

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