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U.S Aerospace Engine Major has applied for clearance of Technology Transfer for the F-414 engine and F-414-EPE [Enhanced Performance Engine] that will clear the path for the company to not only set up a local manufacturing plant jointly in India with India’s state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) but also locally manufacture niche core engine section in the country.

F414-INS6 engine an India-specific engine that will incorporate single-engine safety criteria, higher performance, and greater durability will be the first to be locally manufactured in India under ToT agreements that will allow India’s HAL to manufacture this engine from RAW material stages and also manufacture spares for the engines.

F414-INS6 engine a 98kN Thrust engine to be used on India’s upcoming Tejas Mk2, TEDBF and AMCA Mk1 fighter jet program. For AMCA Mk2 GE is planning to propose using baseline F-414-EPE that can generate 116kN class of thrust with an enhanced core section so that it can be uprated to 130kN class of thrust for India’s 6th gen fighter program in future.

The F-414-EPE-based engine will have Indian-made technology like a fan section and after burner section and will have the same dimensions as the F-414-INS6 engine that engine swaps can be performed later on the Tejas Mk2, TEDBF and AMCA Mk1 fighter jets when they are up for Mid Life Upgrade (MLU).

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