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Amidst the ongoing conflicts in various parts of the world, including the Israeli-Hamas clashes and the Russian-Ukraine war, the United States is actively exploring opportunities to collaborate with Indian defence sector companies. The pressures on the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex (MIC), exacerbated by depleting stocks due to simultaneous engagements on multiple fronts, have prompted a keen interest in India’s capabilities as a significant player in the global defence market.

India, unlike some nations, has maintained a neutral stance in both the Israeli-Hamas conflict and the Russian-Ukraine war. Despite being one of the largest operators of Soviet/Russian-origin weapons, India has refrained from taking sides, opting for a careful and observant approach. The country has been closely monitoring export inquiries and orders for Indian-made small arms ammunition, ensuring that such transactions are transparent and adhere to international norms.

India has been vigilant in preventing the export of weapons to shell companies, especially those attempting to procure Indian-made small arms ammunition. This cautious approach aligns with India’s commitment to responsible arms trade practices and global peace. The country’s steadfast commitment to transparency in weapon transactions helps maintain stability and prevent the misuse of its defence capabilities.

The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan has highlighted India’s role as a reliable supplier of weapons. With Russia facing challenges in providing weapons to Armenia due to its engagement in the war with Ukraine, Armenia has turned to Indian-made weapons systems. This demonstrates the trust in India’s defence manufacturing capabilities and its commitment to providing reliable solutions to nations in need.

While the European Union has urged India to refrain from selling weapons to the Myanmar Military amidst its internal conflicts, India has maintained its sovereignty in decision-making. Resisting external pressure, India has carefully evaluated its stance on arms exports, ensuring compliance with international norms while balancing its diplomatic interests.

India’s significance in the global arms market is further emphasized by its ability to manufacture a wide range of weapons, including those of Israeli and NATO standards. The United States has expressed interest in these capabilities, recognizing India as a potential collaborator in the development and production of advanced defence technologies.

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