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Ordnance Factory Khamaria (OFK), a Jabalpur-based ammunition manufacturer, has successfully developed a NATO Standard 1000 kilogram aerial bomb for the Indian Air Force (IAF). This marks a significant milestone in India’s defence manufacturing capabilities, as it will be the highest calibre ammunition to be inducted by the IAF.

Currently, the IAF uses a 450 kg aerial bomb as its standard ordnance. The new 1000 kg bomb will provide the IAF with a much-needed capability boost, allowing it to deliver more powerful strikes against its adversaries.

The development of the 1000 kg bomb was a collaborative effort between OFK, Metal Steel Factory Ishapore, and Ordnance Factory Dum Dum. The project involved extensive research and development, including reverse engineering of existing aerial bombs to ensure compatibility with the IAF’s aircraft.

“The development of the 1000 kg bomb is a major achievement for OFK and a testament to our commitment to providing the IAF with the best possible ammunition,” said OFK General Manager MN Haldar. “We are confident that this new bomb will significantly enhance the IAF’s combat capabilities.”

The IAF has a substantial requirement for 1000 kg bombs, and OFK is gearing up to meet this demand. The factory has already begun production of the new bombs, and it expects to deliver the first batch to the IAF in the coming months.

The development of the 1000 kg bomb is a significant step forward for India’s defence industry. It demonstrates the country’s ability to design and manufacture advanced weapons systems, and it will undoubtedly strengthen the IAF’s airpower capabilities.

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