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The Turkish Ministry of Defense (MoD) has released a rendered image and technical specifications for its planned aircraft carrier, offering a glimpse into the nation’s future naval ambitions.

The new carrier, significantly larger than Turkey’s current TCG ANADOLU amphibious assault ship, will boast a length of 285 meters and a displacement of 60,000 tons. This increased size is intended to accommodate a larger number of aircraft, the exact type of which remains undisclosed.

The image depicts several KAAN fighter jets on the deck, suggesting plans for a naval variant of Turkey’s first domestically developed fighter jet. This development would mark a significant milestone in the country’s military self-sufficiency.

Beyond fighter jets, the carrier is expected to accommodate a variety of other aircraft, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) like the Bayraktar TB3 and KIZIELMA, as well as helicopters.

The carrier will utilize the Short Takeoff But Arrested Landing (STOBAR) system, a method employed by other nations like Russia, India, and early China. This approach, simpler and more cost-effective compared to catapult-assisted launches, relies on a partially up-curved runway for takeoff and arresting gear for landing. Notably, TCG ANADOLU will use a similar system for Bayraktar TB3 operations.

A Combined Gas Turbine and Gas Turbine (COGAG) propulsion system will power the carrier, aiming for a speed of 25 knots. This system, also used on Turkey’s D?MDEG logistic support ships, offers a balance between power and efficiency, addressing concerns about larger vessels keeping pace with their escorts.

The unveiling of the future aircraft carrier design signifies Turkey’s growing naval aspirations. The inclusion of a potentially navalized KAAN fighter jet and diverse aircraft capabilities further underscores the nation’s commitment to domestic military development. While the project is still in its early stages, it promises to reshape the regional maritime landscape and be a significant advancement for Turkish military capabilities.