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Vikram Misri, Deputy National Security Adviser of India, raised concerns about cross-border terrorism and the potential misuse of Afghan territory by proscribed groups during a recent meeting. He emphasized the need for a multi-pronged approach to address the challenges in Afghanistan, focusing on humanitarian aid, inclusive governance, counter-terrorism efforts, and economic development.

Misri highlighted the dangers of cross-border terrorism, specifically mentioning groups like Lashkar-e-Tayyiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad, which are designated as terrorist organizations by the UN Security Council. He stressed the importance of preventing Afghan soil from being used for “sheltering, training, planning or financing terrorist acts.” This statement underscores India’s concerns about the potential threat posed by these Pakistan-based groups to its own security.

Misri emphasized that any instability in Afghanistan poses a threat to the entire region, including India. As a neighboring country, India has significant economic and security interests in Afghanistan, making its involvement in the region’s stability crucial.

India’s approach to Afghanistan reflects its desire for a peaceful, stable, and prosperous neighbor. By addressing security concerns, providing humanitarian assistance, and promoting inclusive governance and development, India hopes to contribute to a brighter future for Afghanistan and the region.