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NATO member Estonia, a nation renowned for its prowess in information technology and cybersecurity, is extending a hand of cooperation to India. This collaboration aims to leverage the strengths of both nations in developing cutting-edge defense technologies.

Estonia, a leader in the cybersecurity domain, recognizes India’s growing defense sector ambitions. This partnership offers a unique opportunity to combine Estonian technological expertise with Indian manufacturing muscle.

Estonia is inviting Indian companies to join forces with its startups and established tech players. This collaborative approach will foster innovation and allow for the identification of specific areas where India and Estonia can make significant contributions in the field of defense technology.

The proposed partnership goes beyond mere technology development. It emphasizes the importance of establishing robust supply chains. By leveraging India’s manufacturing capabilities, the joint effort aims to create a resilient and dependable source for critical defense equipment.

This collaboration isn’t limited to just technology development and manufacturing. The agreement also explores potential market access opportunities. Estonia seeks to gain a foothold in Asian markets through India’s well-established trade networks, while India can benefit from Estonia’s access to European markets.