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Former Israeli Ambassador to India, Daniel Carmon, has sparked fresh discussions about the nature of the India-Israel arms relationship. In an interview with Ynetnews, Carmon suggested that recent Indian arms supplies to Israel, including drones and artillery shells, might be a gesture of gratitude for Israeli assistance during the 1999 Kargil War.

Carmon highlights India’s long memory regarding past support. He suggests that Israel’s willingness to supply weapons during the Kargil War may be motivating India’s current actions. This perspective portrays the recent arms transfer as a form of returning a favor.

The Ynetnews report details specific instances of alleged Indian military aid. The report mentions the suspicious cargo ship, Marianne Danica, potentially carrying munitions for Israel, and the earlier diversion of Hermes 900 drones manufactured in a joint Indian-Israeli venture near Hyderabad.

While Carmon emphasizes gratitude, the report also hints at a more strategic dimension. It mentions India’s dependence on Israel as a major arms supplier, suggesting the drone transfer might have been a way to maintain a smooth supply chain for future Indian needs.

The Indian government has not officially confirmed or denied these reports. Transparency regarding the exact nature and purpose of any arms transfers would be crucial in dispelling speculation.