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The P-72, a new assault rifle by SSS Defence, is making waves in the Indian defense industry. This homegrown weapon chambered in the popular 7.62x39mm caliber offers a compelling option for Indian paramilitary organizations.

The P-72 boasts select-fire capability, allowing for controlled single shots in semi-automatic mode or rapid fire in full-automatic mode. The operating system utilizes a short-stroke piston system, known for its reliability and reduced gas blowback. This translates to smoother operation and less fouling for the user.

Accuracy is a key feature of the P-72. SSS Defence reports that the rifle can effectively engage targets out to 800 meters. This makes it suitable for a variety of paramilitary operations, from close-quarters engagements to providing cover fire at longer distances.

The P-72 feeds from readily available 20 and 30 round detachable box magazines, ensuring ease of use and adaptability to different situations. An additional advantage is the rifle’s suppressor compatibility, allowing for quieter operation when needed.

Having successfully completed internal trials, SSS Defence has offered the P-72 to various Indian paramilitary organizations. The company is currently awaiting the results of various tenders, hoping to see the P-72 become the weapon of choice for these forces.

The P-72 represents a significant development in India’s defense manufacturing capabilities. It offers a combination of firepower, accuracy, reliability, and features tailored to the needs of paramilitary operations.

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